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Raging Heroes - War Stages Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter from Raging Heroes...

Get Ready to Rock!

Hello Garreth,

Remember the great games you played? The ones where the deployment phase didn’t drag on forever, the dice rolls were great, the moments, epic? When everybody had such a great time?

Well, we want the WarStages: The Gothic Cathedral Kickstarter campaign that's about to launch to feel the same for you.

We want it to be exciting, with unlocks everyday. We all want to skip over the weeks in the middle where nothing really happens and you start to wonder “Is this going somewhere?”. It's summer, so together, let’s make this a unique moment where things keep moving all the time, where you'll see your pledge get bigger and bigger with freebies. And when it is over you'll think “It was short, but boy, it was great!”.

This is why we chose to do a short campaign, trim the fat, and only keep the best moments: the excitement of the launch and the rush of the final days...


Date, time, unlocks, freebies, scroll down, it's all below this image!
And there's lots more info on our WarStages page...
Note: If you've also subscribed to our special WarStages newsletter (900 subscribers in 11 days!), I am terribly sorry to inconvenience you with this extra message. The WarStages newsletter is and will come out much more frequently during the Kickstarter campaign, whereas this general newsletter simply follows the whole of Raging Heroes' activity (new releases, promo, special events) and normally comes out much less frequently. 

JULY 26 UPDATE: One-Week WarStages Kickstarter Launches July 29 at 6PM (Paris, France time)

It’s finally happening! We are launching this Saturday! It will be a VERY SHORT campaign, full of FREEBIES, and with exciting EARLY BIRD Pledges.
Time and Date Worldwide: To know exactly the hourat which it launches in your city/countryclick here
And keep your eye on our countdown clock.

A 7-day Campaign!

You read this right! The Campaign will only run for ONE WEEK. It will end between Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 5th (depending on where you live in the world).
Why So Short?
If you’ve already experienced a Kickstarter campaign, you know that there’s a lot of excitement at the beginning, a lot of excitement at the end, and not so much happening in the middle. Usually, project creators plan longer campaigns in the hope of attracting more people during that time. This is a wise strategy on specific project types that are more geared to the general public such as technology or music projects.
But in the Games category and with the backers we are looking for, we know that people are aware of the project’s existence and we don’t need to wait for several weeks for the general media to pick up on the campaign.
We thought about this long and hard. If you're concerned about this, remember that our first campaign was about 34 days and did $698,000. Our second campaign was about 16 days and was even more successful with $801,000. 
In truth, we realise now that A LOT of the excitement has already been happening in the past few days with our revealing new info and images on this project. And so we thought we’d cut to the chase and shorten the quiet days between the beginning and the end of the campaign, especially since it is summer. So let's have this blitzkrieg!

Stretch Goals: Freebies and More Freebies

95% of the Stretch Goals planned for this campaign will be Freebies, so get ready for the ride! The better the campaign does, the more Freebies you’ll get as part of your pledge.
And that’s not all. The bigger you pledge, the more Freebies you’ll get!
In this campaign, we have the opportunity to give you more free stuff when you choose a higher tier, so that’s what we’ll be doing.
In fact, it will be fun for you to come back daily and watch your pledge get more and more Rewards!

And there's lots more info on our WarStages page...

One last thing...

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Comments? Questions?

Leave a Comment at the bottom of the WarStages page. Or drop us a note. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Our mailing address is:
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