Saturday, 29 July 2017

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The Repulsive Repulsor is unstoppable...apparently...though I have a few ideas about accomplishing just that myself...

Primaris Repulsor

Brute force and raw firepower

The Repulsor is unstoppable - repelling assaults with waves of gravitic force then returning fire with devastating hails of slugs, shells and las beams. Deliver your Primaris Space Marines where they're needed, then make sure they stay there.
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Primaris Chaplain

Faith, Fear and Fury

Armed with a baroque crozius arcanum and advanced absolvor bolt pistol, the Primaris Chaplain drives the Space Marines to greater heights of heroism and hatred.
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Primaris Apothecary

Defy death, or deliver it

The Primaris Apothecary is a true battlefield medic, treating grievous wounds and tending to the slain, or - armed with the armour-piercing reductor pistol - adding to their number.
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Linebreaker Bombardment

Linebreaker Bombardment

This great value boxed set contains 3 Vindicators. On their own, each tank is capable of shattering tanks and infantry alike; combined, they can unleash a firestorm capable of sundering the heaviest of armour.
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Your monthly hobby update

August's White Dwarf is packed with great content - the return of Index Astartes, insights into the new Primaris Space Marines, the ultimate guide to the Traitor Legions, and some of the best art from the Mortal Realms with Illuminations.
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Featured Products

Know No Fear

The best way to start Warhammer 40,000

Know No Fear contains everything you need to start playing Warhammer 40,000 - two armies of beautiful miniatures, rules to play them with, scenery to play them on, and more. There's even a guidebook to teach you how to play - all you need now is an opponent.
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Path to Glory

Walk the Path to Glory

Play rich narrative campaigns and turn heroes and warbands into mighty generals at the head of powerful armies, gaining powerful abilities and units on the way. Choose from one of 20 factions and write your legend in the Mortal Realms.
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Codex: Space Marines

Pick up Codex: Space Marines now!

Get your hands on the first codex of the new edition today, with Chapter Tactics, Stratagems, detailed background and awesome art.
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