Saturday, 22 July 2017

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Space Marines getting their codex first...what a surprise...and yes...I've already pre-ordered a copy...

Codex: Space Marines

The First Codex of the New Edition

Codex: Space Marines is your complete guide to the warriors of the Adeptus Astartes in the new edition. As well as 85 datasheets covering the forces of the Space Marines - including powerful new Primaris Space Marines units - there are Chapter Tactics, Relics, Stratagems, Warlord Traits and psychic powers, to give you powerful new ways to customise your army. This is all in addition to the fabled history of the Emperor's finest, beautiful art, heraldry and more. Whether you're a veteran commander bringing an old army into a new era or are just starting your Space Marines collection, this codex is your essential resource.
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Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition for the ultimate collector

These lavishly presented special edition codexes are only available while stocks last, and are a great collector's item. The Collector's Edition features black-gilt edges and a high-quality soft-touch cover with special artwork, while the Primaris Edition is packed with art, exclusive content, and more. This is your chance to get your hands on a piece of Warhammer 40,000 history - pick up yours before it's too late.
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Enhanced Edition

Space Marines on your iPad and iPhone

This enhanced iBooks edition of Codex: Space Marines is a great resource; there's everything from the print codex plus features to make browsing on your phone or tablet as easy as possible. For the truly dedicated, there's also the Enhanced Collector's Edition - this contains notes from the designers, rare artwork and collected for the first time, all the Space Marines Apocrypha articles, as well as much, much more.
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Space Marines

Strike from the shadows, blaze a bloody path or smash enemies aside

The Space Marines have been reinforced with a range of powerful new units. Aggressors combine heavy armour with devastating anti-infatry firepower, scything down swathes of enemies with hails of bolts and gouts of flame, while the Reivers combine bolter and blade with brutal terror tactics to shatter the formations of your foes. Finally, the Redemptor Dreadnought is a colossal war machine, towering above even other Dreadnoughts and combining a terrifying array of weaponry with nigh-impenetrable armour plating. The wrath of the Emperor's finest is yours to command - pre order yours today.
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Unleash the power of Killshot

One Predator is a threat - three make for a devastating mobile firebase, capable of annihilating any enemy. This web-exclusive collection is a great way to get your hands on a pack of these battle tanks and gives you the models you'll need to use the powerful new Killshot Stratagem in the Space Marines codex. Combine their firepower to bring down even the largest of monsters with a withering hail of shells and las-beams.
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Datacards: Space Marines

Advanced strategies at your fingertips

Keeping track of your Tactical Objectives, Stratagems, psychic powers and more is easy with the Space Marines Datacards, a deck with everything you need to manage your master plan.
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Fate of Konor Stratagem

Free Stratagem Cards for the Fate of Konor!

Get a new, free Stratagem Card every week for the Global Campaign. This week, you'll get your free card with Start Collecting! purchases - kick off your new army with some great value miniatures and a tactical edge on your opponents.
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New Stadiums and New Dice for Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Pitch

New Stadiums for your Blood Bowl Team

This excellent double-sided card pitch is now back in stock, meaning you'll be able to bring your games of Blood Bowl deep underground, from the vaulted caverns of the Dwarves to the foetid game-pits of the Skaven. With themed dugouts, this is a great choice whether you're looking for a new home stadium or an exciting new setting for your games.
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Dwarf Giants Dice

Master-wrought Dice for the Dwarf Giants

When Dwarven Blood Bowl teams play, they do so in beatifully crafted armour - all the better to bludgeon their enemies with. With these dice, you'll have accessories to match and a great way to show alleigance to this most steadfast of teams.

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