Wednesday, 5 July 2017

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Warlord Games Wednesday newsletter...

IMTeL Take Over: We apologise for any delays as our new system comes online, rest assured our teams are working hard to get up to speed and get your orders out to you ASAP.
An absolute beast of a battle has been sent in from the Southend-on-Sea Wargames Group! 
Fighting in the fields of France? Or defending a village from the enemy in Op Sea Lion? then you'll need the local wildlife! Maybe a dead one too...
Chris Brown brings large-scale gaming into Bolt Action in this article about fielding complete companies!
Clockwork Goblin has been leaking some classified intel onto Facebook...
Strap on your Weird WWII boots and head down on Saturday 12th of August. Discover more detail here:
Antares Day has come to a close, but to those who didn’t have the chance to come don’t fret – in this article we’ll tell you all the juicy details!
The Antares Day referee, Gate Builder Tim Bancroft, shares his thoughts on the tournament! From rule misunderstandings to praises for our competitors.
The Freeborn Shard podcast is back with a Chryseis Shard themed episode!
Featuring Rick Priestley, take a listen for a fantastic insight into the Chryseis Shard supplement and much more coming for Beyond the Antares!
Algoryn Commander Harrington has sent in a great series of articles describing his return to the battlefields of the far future - this time in Antares, part 2 is out today!
Includes FREE Download.
We released the British Heavy Cavalry recently and we couldn’t resist galloping to our commanders’ game room and playing an epic battle!
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy takes a look at the Sapper. This video pays special attention to how you can paint various white & off-white shades on the same mini.
Receive a free copy of Wargames Illustrated, May Issue 355 when you spend over £30/$50 whilst stocks last!
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