Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Games Workshop's global Warhammer 40K campaign is nearly upon us...

Fate of Konor

Muster for Konor

The global campaign is still a week away, but the war has already begun. Defend the Imperium, or destroy it for Chaos. Earn points for your chosen side by winning battles and painting models; and get a powerful new Stratagem card when you buy from a selected line each week - starting with Start Collecting! box sets. Build your force and get your free card in time for battle.
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Codex Space Marines

Codex: Space Marines – your first look

The first codex of the new edition is coming soon, and it's packed with content: the history of the Space Marines, a guide to how they fight, photos of beautifully painted models and 85 datasheets for units old and new. There are also great new ways to customise your army, including the return of Chapter Tactics – find out more on Warhammer Community.
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Redemptor Dreadnought

The Ultramarines go to war on Warhammer TV

Last Friday saw James Karch test out the new codex with his Ultramarines army, combining powerful new Chapter Tactics and Stratagems with the deadly Redemptor Dreadnought. This is a great time to be a son of Roboute Guilliman, so start your own Ultramarines force today!
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Raven Guard

New Chapter Tactics for the Raven Guard

The Space Marines codex is packed with new ways for Raven Guard players to build their armies – you'll be able to hide in the shadows then strike with sudden force. Find out what to expect on Warhammer Community, and start your army with legendary hero Kayvaan Shrike:
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Path to Glory

Leading the Aelves to blood and glory

Path to Glory is now available, and soon, generals across the Mortal Realms will be able to turn warbands and heroes into mighty armies led by storied champions. We spoke to Chris Peach to check out his Daughters of Khaine army and his plans for a Path to Glory campaign.
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Hall of Fame

Step into the Hall of Fame

Every month for the past year, a Black Library author has chosen one of their favourite Black Library titles to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. We've collected the first 12 in a great value bundle – get yours now or find out more:
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