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Warlord Games end of week feature and release round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this coming week's New Releases and other wargaming news.

Mercenary Togg This Weekend Only!

For the first time (this weekend only) get your special Antarean Mercenary Togg miniature as you descend to fight on Chryseis III.

The Polish Airborne!

Our friends the Polish bring their ready and eager Airborne infantry to the front lines.
Specialists, dividing up the already elite forces into specific roles, from anti-tank to snipers, to flamethrowers and lieutenants, makes the Polish Airborne even more deadly.
Ready to provide close support, these Polish Airforce weapon teams unleash a barrage of bullets and mortars.
Parachute in with your own transport, the Welbikes provide much needed tactical movement and the Polsten gun gives the Polish Airborne an extra edge against their enemies...
Packing a much-needed punch, the pack 75mm howitzer, and the 6-pdr anti-tank gun really give the Polish Airborne what they need to be more than a thorn in the enemies side...
A perfect Bolt Action starter army, roughly amounting to 500 points, pick this up and have a great tactical force.
To make things simple, we made this bundle available so you can add this item for all the Polish Airborne releases in one place:

Weekend Reading Material!

The airborne forces of Britain and Germany were among their best troops of World War II and when they met in battle the result was a brutal trial of strength.
British paratroopers and German Fallschirmjäger clashed repeatedly and their training, tactics, experience, morale, and weaponry were tested against each other, not least in the three bruising encounters outlined here, in Tunisia and Sicily.
Market Garden' was one of the most audacious, and ultimately controversial, operations of the Second World War a joint penetration, by an armoured column and a large-scale airborne drop, to punch a decisive hole in the German defences.
This book details how, instead of being relieved after 48 hours as expected, British paratroopers were cut off for nine days.
The night before D-Day, light infantry and a detachment of Royal Engineers landed by gliders at Pegasus Bridge, which spanned the Caen Canal. Quickly overwhelming the guards, they managed to hold the bridge and help prevent German reinforcements from reaching the British landing beaches.
Will Fowler provides a detailed blow-by-blow account of this classic wartime raid.
The German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 began World War II in Europe, pitting the newly modernized army of Europe's great industrial power against the much smaller Polish army and introducing the world to a new style of warfare - Blitzkrieg.
This book demonstrates how the Polish army was not as backward as it is often portrayed and fielded a tank force larger than that of the contemporary US Army.

Allied Airborne

Deliver your attack at the right place to shock your enemy into submission!
Bringing a bit of mobile firepower behind enemy lines…
Able to make 30 British or Polish airborne - they certainly are a force to be reckoned with, whether delivered by Dakota aircraft, Horsa glider or as front line shock troops.
Let your Airborne Glider Squads arrive in a dramatic style and save the Allies.
This is a fantastic set comprising of 3 DFS 230 assault gliders, 30 Fallschirmjäger, and their commander (and limited edition figure) Otto Skorzeny ready to surprise the enemy defenses!

So whos army are these with?

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