Saturday, 1 July 2017

Mantic Games - Newsletter

Mantic Games newsletter containing all their news and new releases...

Welcome to this week's Mantic Games newsletter. Here you'll find all the latest information on new releases, news and special offers!
Missed out on the TerrainCrate Kickstarter? FEAR NOT! Late pledges are now available. But you've only got until July 30th to jump on board and become a Terrain Spotter.
Alluring and deadly, Mau’Ti-Bu-Su seeks a powerful artifact for her infernal masters. She has easily infiltrated the world of mortals, bending them to her will with ease and killing them when they are no longer of use to her. Buy Mau'Ti-Bu-Su now!
All manner of creatures answered Nature’s summons to war, including the aquatic Placoderms. Eckter is determined to fulfill his duty and preserve the balance of the world; no matter the cost. Buy Eckter now!
Since leaving her clan, Magnilde has roamed the lands surrounding the Abyss, determined to prove loyalty to her god, Korgaan, by bathing herself in the demonic blood of her foes. Buy Magnilde now!
When her people are threatened by the spread of the Abyss, Artakl must travel far away from her warm homeland on a secret mission that could change the war. Buy Artakl now!
An academic obsessed with the mysterious Ophidians, Jarvis was shunned and cast out by his colleagues. He stole an ancient Ophidian tome and is now on the run in a world at war. Buy Jarvis now!
Want to know what the new formations are in the Kings of War summer campaign? Well, don't miss our article on the Mantic Blog, which introduces this completely new concept to Kings of War. Read about formations now.
Find out more about the new Kings of War heroes who will play a pivotal role in the future of Mantic. Read the blog!
Every Tuesday we'll have a new tactics article on the Mantic Blog. From Kings of War to DreadBall and everything in between, we'll be helping you make the most of your games. First up, Joe Neet talks Protection in Firefight. Read now!
Join us every Monday on the blog, Facebook and Twitter, as we play games, paint Mantic miniatures and perhaps even playtest some top secret stuff! Use the hashtag #ManticMonday for your hobby projects and we'll see you next week for the first one!
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