Monday, 21 July 2014

Crew a Week Project - Sonnia Criids 'The Torch and the Blade'

As I've been using various versions of this crew in most of my games over the last few months it was kind of embarrassing that I was using older models or unpainted ones in most of those games...time to do something about that...

I also had an alternate Sonnia Criid so I did her at the same time...

M2E Sonnia Criid and Alternate Sonnia Criid.
I'm happy with the flame effects on these...the hair looks terrible though...I'll need to redo that at some point...

 Purifying Flame.
 I'm happy with the way the flames turned out but I'm thinking that the bone parts might have looked better if I'd done them a different colour. I was going with a 'made completely of fire' look but I'm not sure about it now...

Samael Hopkins.
Here's a picture of both versions but I only painted one as part of this project as the other was already done some time ago...

This is a lovely model...I can almost forgive Wyrd for the trillion bits it comes in...

Witchling Handler and Witchling Stalkers.
There are three of my original metal ones in this picture as well.

Witchling Handler.

Witchling Stalkers.
As I was effectively using several of the same model twice I thought some minor conversions were in order. One simply had the swords pointed down rather than up and the other pair had a hand swap.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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