Monday, 28 July 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Hasslefree Miniatures yet again fulfilling all your 'naked lady' miniature form of course...

Hey look, it's us!
Yup, we're still alive :)
Apologies for the lack of, well, anything really. Two reasons, first is our caster went on holiday which had us twiddling our thumbs for a while and second was that we're gearing up for a premises move.
Yup, HF Headquarters will be up and moving to the Land of Song (That's Wales for you non-Brits, and if any of you are still confused see me after class for a lesson on why England is not Britain :) )
We've found a lovely new unit just outside of Caerphilly and now it's down to paperwork and hard graft. We'll keep you informed as we go and will give you a rundown of any changes as they happen (It won't be many at all).

So, what happens when our caster gets back from a holiday? We get shinies...
Layla, the 'dark night'.
Layla is the newest member of our 'fantasy harem'. Once again Kev has forgotten to sculpt clothes on one of our minis and she's been nicked, cast and is now available for your buying pleasure!
Misha with the long, dark, hair.
Misha also joins the fantasy harem. Other than also being distinctly 'sans accoutrement' her distinctive feature is her pretty impressive head of hair.
Kirsten, Spunky Survior - Resin Master
Kirsten is a spunky New Yorker, or she was before the Zombocalypse. Now she's more a spunky Anywherer. Separated from her husband during the Event she hides her worry and grief behind a boisterous upbeat attitude. Armed with a pistol and an attitude that won't quit and always fashionably dressed!
Col. Sinclair - Resin Master
This mini depicts the younger officer who would become the inimitable General Sinclair, the man in charge of both Special and Black Ops and thus the man that Deano, Hassle and the others answer to. A no-nonsense Southern patriot who worked his way through the ranks the hard way. Seen here in field gear, as he was never shy about showing up on the ground during a mission. Not a man to be taken lightly!
Restocks, fousands of 'em!
Painted Wolf by Peter 'Avicenna ' Bell
Along with the new releases we also got in a number of highly-awaited restocks, to make finding them a little easier, for a short period of time I've added all the restocked minis to the New Releases page. Here's what we got back in *deep breath*...
For the modern fanatics...
Post-Apoc Gang, Spec Ops Squad, Hamlet, Alyx, Mongrel & Jade all come back into the fold
And for the fantasy lovers...
Wolf is finally back after remoulding, Kalyna, Lenore, Boudi, Ferrus
Alicia, Syr Olwyn, Taxxis b & Old Holvand all rejoin us.
(There were also a number of other restocks peppered around the ranges we haven't added to the new releases page so if you recently wanted something we didn't have, check again! :) )
Painted Wolf by Peter 'Avicenna ' Bell
And FInally...
We'll be incredibly busy over the next few weeks as a move is a 'big' thing for us.We will however endeavour to keep you informed of things as they go along via our FB page.
There are some things that have to be finished up before the move, the first of which is the long-overdue sculpting competition. That's in the mouldmaking/casting phase so we are waiting to make an announcement on that. We also need to sort any leftover FB freebies for anyone missing those.
There's also the matter of Kev's July/August Challenge. Anyone following his Hasslefriesian artist's page will have seen progress on a number of those already. Kev hopes to get them all done before the move commences :)
Ok, I think that's it, as I mentioned, busy busy busy :)
'til next time,

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