Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter - Kev's July Challenge

It will be of no surprise to any-one that I voted for Female Succubus as the 6th mini...

Kev's July Challenge!
Kev has once again foolishly agreed to a monthly sculpting challenge :)
For those of you who missed it, there was one in May and the details are HERE and HERE.
The basic premise is that Kev undertakes to finish 5 sculpts based on descriptions posed by myself and 1 sculpt based on a winner of a poll voted on by you guys all by the end of the month.
This month will be particularly difficult as the mini choices are tough and the summer holidays start soon which means Kev finds himself a considerably busier dad.

If he completes them all he gets...
.. that's a bottle of Lindisfarne Mead, a bottle of Manuka Honey 42 Below vodka and a bottle of Honjozo Genshu sake.

The 5 minis I have chosen are...
1. A fantasy female landsknecht with a greatsword.
2. A male dreadlocked sci-fi bounty hunter, a partner or rival for Andreah.
3. A tough female survivor with longcoat, shotgun and knives.
4. A modern drug dealer with pork pie hat, pistol and possibly even a satchel of something illegal!
5. A firefighter survivor, big, black and bald with a fireaxe and gun.
Feel free to go HERE and tell me how awful or awesome my choices are :)
As for no. 6....
Vote Now!
The poll for the 6th mini is from...
1. Female fantasy witch hunter. Classic style with funny hat, duelling pistol/rifle etc.
2. Male modern/survivor with M134 minigun (look it up ). No specifics here, it's the gun that carries the figure so the rest would be left up to Kev.
3. Female fantasy warrior monk. Short hair or partially shavedhead or both. Giant maul/hammer, heavy armour etc.
4. Prone sniper for our Modern trooper range (If choosing this option please also state male or female).
5. Dynamic young male paladin, curly hair, bastard sword, third castlemere member.
6. Female succubus, beautiful, naked, horns, posed as casting a spell (possible variants to follow include clothed and/or winged)
You can vote HERE, as you'll see there's already a large number of votes and it is surprisingly close! This one may be a squeaker.

Please don't reply to this newsletter with a vote, we'll likely miss it, just go post on the FB thread in the link above :)
Kev's Workbench
If you missed the quick note in a previous newsletter, Kev has sorted himself out his own Facebook page which he has been busy populating with plenty of behind the scenes shots and WIPS.
The page is HERE, make sure to go like it if you wanna see any of the above!
If you're very lucky he may also swear at you for suggesting that a mini would look better with a v-neck tshirt instead of a crew or something.Tread lightly! ;)
'til next time

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