Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Kingdom Death Newsletter - Summertime

For those of you unfamiliar with Kingdom Death's models there's a good chance that some of the female ones featured in this newsletter have disproportionately large breasts and aren't wearing many clothes...if that bothers you then don't scroll down...though amusingly the one model described as 'naked' actually refers to the lack of packaging rather than the lack of clothing...

...you'll be missing some amazing work if you don't look though...



While we continue to work like crazy on the kickstarter and our warehouse fills up with seemingly endless hard plastic miniatures, we stole a few moments to get a late June sale ready!

The King - Resin Collectors Edition
Guided by the glow of Lantern Halberds, this mysterious and ornate monster devours everything in its path. This resin incarnation is gorgeous and really showcases Thomas' talent. It does not come with any game content, nor the 100mm base it is photographed on.
Concept art by Melissa Curtin, exquisitely sculpted by Thomas David.
Take me to the King

Pinup Wet Nurse
A cheeky nod at Kingdom Death's most talked-about monster.
Concept art by Lokman Lam, sculpted by Jon-Troy Nickel.
Take me to the Pinup Wet Nurse

Naked Experiment of Death
We've learned so much from producing the Wet Nurse and Pinup Twilight Knight in PVC and we are bringing the experiment to a close by offering a no-frills, unboxed, "naked" version of it. It includes, 2x PVC Wet Nurse figures, & 2x PVC Pinup Twilight Knight Figures at a very special price to thank our fans for supporting us. It will be available while stock lasts. (These are the same miniatures that were in the Experiment of Death, "naked" is merely referring to its lack of packaging.)
Take me to the Naked Experiment of Death

Pinup Forsaker Advanced Painting Guide
The second in Mr.Scott Hockley's series of painting guides has been added to our site. We decided to keep it just as raw and informative as the Architect Painting guide.
Take me to the Painting Guide

Savior Restock!
We finally got the remaining resin casts to complete the collectors run of the female saviors! These are NOT encores!
Kingdom Death: Monster

The project continues to go well as hard plastic kits are finished at a quality level I could have never expected going into this! Thank you fans and thank you backers for making this exciting and major extension of Kingdom Death possible!

If you are looking for project updates you can find them all here.

We are currently prepping another fairly large update, which should be ready sometime this week.

To the people that missed their chance to join the kickstarter, thank you for joining our mailing list and I apologize, but the game and all of the kickstarted content will not be publicly available until after backer rewards have been fulfilled. The shift from PVC to hard plastic has greatly increased our unit costs and we need to properly evaluate before we can set final retail prices and begin taking pre-orders.

We will figure out a way to accommodate new fans, but for now our full attention is focused on meeting our current kickstarter promises. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. ~

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