Saturday, 12 July 2014

Forge World Newsletter #408

Okay so admittedly it's more Space Marines but there's no faulting their quality and that of the Forge World ranges in general.....and as some-one whose actually seen some of the terrible dodgy versions of Forge World stuff that people are importing I can safely say that you do indeed get what you pay for...

...even if it's just a load more Space Marines, lol.

The elite of the Salamanders Legion are those Legionaries known as the Firedrakes; veterans chosen not simply for their martial skill, but also because of their mental resilience and capacity for discipline and self-sacrifice; for these are values the Promethean Cult holds in high esteem. Tried and tempered in the flames of war, just as a blade is tempered in the flames of the forge, the Firedrakes are indefatigable and relentless, possessing a singular focus in battle which borders on the preternatural and legendary resilience; a matter as much to do with their phenomenal willpower as their superhuman physiology or superlatively fashioned arms and armour.
The Salamanders Legion Firedrakes are a complete multi-part resin kit, designed by Keith Robertson. This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Wednesday 30th July.
“Unless you are capable of enduring whatever hurt your foe can inflict, there will come a time when you will fail, and by failing you will have made useless the sacrifice of millions. We are the Salamanders and we will endure, for no sacrifice made in the name of this great empire we seek to build shall be made in vain.”

Xiaphas Jurr,
Chaplain of the Salamanders 

Reservations can be placed for this event up to 5pm (UK time) Friday 11th July. To find out how to place a reservation, click here.

Reservations can be placed for this event up to 5pm (UK time) Friday 18th July. To find out how to place a reservation, click here

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