Wednesday, 2 July 2014

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Another Mantic Games newsletter containing a World Cup related discount quick only lasts 24 hours...

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The World Cup match between USA and Belgium last night ended in pure drama - it was as if King Golloch himself led a line of mighty Dwarven warriors, defending against wave of attack after attack. But alas the mighty USA did fall, joining England, Spain, Italy and others in defeat.

There is however a silver lining our friends across the Atlantic Ocean, because now you have the time to paint more miniatures!
Valiant in defence but ultimately beaten by the bruising Belgians

To commiserate the USA not quite reaching the quarter finals, today’s discount code is amassive 25% off on the website, the biggest of the competition so far!

That’s right, 25% off.

If your country is out of the World Cup, or indeed, never actually managed to qualify – Scotland, Ireland and Wales we’re looking at you ;) - you can use this code in thewebstore* for 24 HOURS ONLY.

The code is HEROHOWARD25

Here are a few of our recommended choices for what to pick up…

Deadzone – Mega Deal - Sci-fi Skirmishes in an Urban Battlezone
Containing all you need to play Deadzone and oh so much more on top, the Mega Deal is the most affordable way of starting Deadzone - and it just became even greater value for money with our discount code!

This means you can take all four factions, a whole heap of quick-assembly plastic scenery, a durable gaming mat, plus all the cards, counters and rules you need to play down the local gaming store with a bunch of friends and get gaming immediately, with a chunk of change left in your wallet.

LOKA - The Game of Elemental Strategy
With rules and miniatures inspired by chess coupled with a simple dice combat mechanism, LOKA is a fantastic team based game that you can play with the wife and kids, or take down to your local club and have some fun with. Highly tactical, this is a game that all strategists will enjoy.

The Bloodmire Legion - Kings of War Undead Mega Deal

The Bloodmire Legion is a fantastic deal packed full of glorious Undead, including tonnes of rotting zombies, embalmed mummies and howling werewolves, plus all the plastic skeletal infantry you could ever need - great for Kings of War or other mass battle fantasy games.

Good luck to the teams still in the competition - France-Germany, Brazil-Colombia, it'll be two of you next!

* Excludes countries still in the World Cup. Cannot be used on items currently available for pre-order or from third party manufacturers (e.g. Avatars of War, Anarchy Model stencils etc). Remember that you must purchase items in the correct currency - £ sterling for UK, Euro for countries in Europe, and for US$ if you’re in the Rest of the World, which includes Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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