Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sunday Round-Up

It's time for one of those irregular 'Round-up' posts...

Having already exhausted all the great articles on GMorts Chaotica she had no choice but to resort to reading an actual book instead...
First lets look at some updated features...

Hobby Newsletters.
The Newsletter tab has been updated and now has the most recent newsletter from the respective company more clearly indicated with the rest listed as an archive. Some of the sections were extremely random so I've removed certain entries (Privateer Press and Warlord Games) and I'll start from scratch with them and keep them up to date from this point. The issues with these two companies are that Warlord Games don't actually send me the Newsletter despite multiple attempts to get myself on the mailing list and the Privateer Press ones are in a somewhat odd configuration that requires me to manually re-format them significantly. I'll do my best though...

Newsletter page can be located here.

For those Mantic Games fans who have been nagging me about the fact that I've neglected it a bit I've made some time to get C.o.S.I.S. updated. All the info from the last few Deadzone and Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter updates is now included as well as a few extra pieces from the Mantic Blog and I promise to scour the newsletters soon. The following updates have been added...Black are Deadzone ones and Red are Dreadball Xtreme ones

Entries added - Asterians, Asterian Pulse Bombard weapon attachment, Brokkrs, Forge Father Forge Guard, Forge Father Urban Demolisher, Plague Enforcer, Rathmar Ul-iheq - Dreadball Sponsor, Redacted Information Files (Containment Protocols), Sorak Swordspawn, Stuntbot. 
Entries Updated - Ada-Lorena, Dreadball Extreme Cheerleaders, Nexus Psi, Strider. 
Pictures Added to Existing EntriesAda-Lorena, Bjarn Starnafall, Creed - MVP, Crystallans, Dreadball Extreme CheerleadersKoris Team, Mechanites Robot Team, Medibot, Prefabricated Units, Strider, Tsudochan Team.

And the main page can be found here.

All the latest batch of Malifaux releases have been unboxed and reviewed so that's the Convict Gunslingers, Dawn Serpent, December Acolytes and the new Som'er Teeth Jones starter set done and as usual can be found in the 'Unboxing Malifaux' tab.

I've also reviewed one of the updated faction starter boxes from Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection, namely the Cybertronic one which can be found here. I also will be reviewing the updated Brotherhood set some time next week.

What's Coming Up...
Unfortunately the next batch of new Malifaux releases won't land till the end of this month but I may slip in a few older ones just to keep you going and give you some comparisons with newer models. I'll also get part three of the Steampunk Miniature Game review series done which was delayed due to me lacking the time to do an article which did the respective game system any justice but I'll get back on track by the end of next week...if you don't know what I'm talking about then part two can be found here.

The 'Crew a Week' project will also return to it's regular schedule (unfortunately I have no choice about over-time so I just haven't been able to do it with any regularity for the recent past) but all being well I should be able to get the last eight crews painted over the next eight weeks...he says with his fingers crossed...

If that lot isn't/wasn't enough then you can always have a look at the amusing guide about how to illuminate a Star Trek : Attack Wing Tactical Borg Cube here or at some of the wonderful new Malifaux previews that can be found here. There's also the usual bits and pieces in-between that might interest you but I'm afraid you'll have to find them yourself....

There are also about half a dozen people who have promised me guest articles...I'll believe that when I see it though, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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