Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New Malifaux Artwork Previews - Updated...A Few Times in Fact...

We were getting a lot of reviews of Malifaux artwork and renders and then they slowed down somewhat...looks like they've begun to speed up again...

I've compiled them all here for your convenience and I'll update the post when more appear. So far we have the cover of the Wave 2 book (Crossroads) and Through the Breach as well as a page spread from the aforementioned 'Crossroads' and a single page (Bayou Gators), a picture of the new Ten Thunders Master Shenlong, four 'Riders' (Dead, Pale, Hooded and Mechanical), four Effigies (Arcane, Carrion, Lucky and Mysterious), two Gremlins (Rooster Rider and Taxidermist), Some Misc. art including Dust Storm, Kaeris, Lelu. Performer, McTavish and something new, six renders (Coppelius, Ikiryo, Nekima, Performer, Rami LaCroix and together with a Gif the Desolation Engine) and a slightly blurry picture of the upcoming Ophelia LaCroix Gremlin set.

Simply click on the pictures for larger versions.

Crossroads and Through the Breach.


Dead, Hooded, Pale and Mechanical.

Arcane, Carrion, Lucky and Mysterious.

Rooster Rider and Taxidermist.

Misc. Artwork.
Dust Storm, Lelu, Performer, something new and at slightly lower quality Kaeris and McTavish.

Coppelius, Ikiryo, Performer, Rami LaCroix, Nekima and Desolation Engine.

Ophelia La Croix.
Not sure where this one came from...sorry about the quality...

I'll add others if and when they appear.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Replies
    1. The Wave 2 book can't come soon enough for me. The chances of it and the faction decks appearing at GenCon seem quite good but with Wyrd you can never really tell, lol.

  2. Pretty sure that's the lucky effigy, not hodgepodge. But I haven't seen the Coppelius render yet, looks good.

    1. You're probably right about the Lucky Effigy..I'd forgotten that the Gremlins got an Effigy in Wave 2.....post amended ;-)

  3. Oh man I want all of it... Gen Con cannot come quick enough

    1. GenCon 2014's going to cost me a bloody fortune...

  4. I rather like the look of the Coppelius render. :)

    1. It is nice though the eyeball it's holding is a bit big imo...or maybe he just has small hands...this being Malifaux I suppose anything is possible...Somebody on one of the forums said that it looked like he was holding a Pokeball...

  5. All nice pictures, but i do prefer old mysterious effigy over this one. Also that "something completely new" guy might actually be Rafkin with his liston knife. Many characters went through changes in outlook while moving to M2e.

    1. Eric J specifically said it wasn't Rafkin the very next twitter post he made after posting the picture...I suppose he could have been perpetrating an elaborate double bluff though, lol.

  6. I presume the 'teaser' is something from Ten Thunders; possibly Sensei Yu, a High River Monk or Fermented River Monk, the one with a broom I'd say is the Peasant. All I know is I want them like pretty much all of these, especially the effigies as I will want them to run with Collodi.


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