Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Guest Unboxing - Zoraida - The Swamp Hag

Often the fact that an ocean separates me from Wyrds HQ and the major shows means that in the short term I have to rely on the generosity of other hobbyists to bring you features on new Malifaux releases.

Recently a fine gentlemen named Sean from the 'A Wyrd Place' Facebook group has been sending me pictures of various crews he acquired at Gen Con 2014 for me to do unboxing articles on. As it's unfair to expect him to also write entire articles for me I'll be compiling these as more 'traditional' unboxing features with just the pictures and a brief 'tips' section should one be available and I'll do features with assembly tips and the like later on when I acquire my own sets. Should I be able to steal obtain other relevant pics I'll include those as well.

...Greetings Zoraida...

Box Cover.



Assembled Individuals with Stat Cards.

Bad Juju.

 Voodoo Doll.


Upgrade Cards.

Comparison Pictures.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Is there a way to make the photos of the cards bigger? I can barely read them.

    1. I'm afraid not as these were how the pics were sent to me. As soon as my own stuff arrives I'll take higher definition pictures of everything...till then you'll just have to make do with these.

  2. Just a note that Zoraida cards are apparently incorrect

  3. Is the rock that one of the Silurid is standing on a necessary component, or can it be built without it?


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