Friday, 1 August 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - Dark Times Approach

Do you like questing?....are you heroic?....enjoy travelling through dungeons?....

.....then this may well be the game for you.....

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The quest is about to begin

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest launches on Kickstarter at 1:30pm British Summer Time Monday 4th August.
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See you then adventurer!

“My lords, it is impossible to know just when Mortibris might break through the final wards and access the Tome itself. Even more difficult to predict is how long it will take him to master its lore. What we do know is that a practitioner of Mortibris’ skill and wisdom could do terrible things with the book. The plains of Diffeth are littered with thousands of dead from the time of the Flood. He could raise an invincible army, the likes of which has never been seen.”
The heroes and villains of Dolgarth. Ready-to-play plastic
miniatures with integrated textured bases. Supplied unpainted.

He paused, looking each one of them in the eyes and holding their gaze for a moment before continuing.

“It is imperative that an alliance is formed to face him. The three nations must put aside their differences and work as one. We must raise every warrior we can. But first, we must do all that we can to slow the menace down. Warriors must be sought to venture after him. It is likely that they will not return, but perhaps they might buy us some time.”

Silence descended on the room again as the three rulers considered the implications of the Mage’s words. It was King Sorensen who finally broke the silence.

“I may have a candidate…”
Discover more about the events leading up to The Dwarf King's Quest here…

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