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Deadzone and Dungeon Saga.....

Robots, Aliens and Alien Robots!

Later this month we’re releasing two brand new factions for the Sci-fi Skirmish Game Deadzone: the Asterians and the Forge Fathers.
You can already pick up these factions in one of three great-value-for-money army deals where can get the whole range of miniatures for a fraction of the price bought individually. This means you’ll have some hobby budget left over for Dungeon Saga this month! ;)
Today the full range of Asterian boosters and the Faction Starter have gone up for pre-order on the website, allowing you to reserve your newest strike team.
If that wasn’t enough, the Strider – which can be built as Enforcer, Plague or Rebs variants – and the Stuntbot have also been added to the website, meaning you can add some hulking mech-suits to your Strike Force.
You can check out the new range of Deadzone units on the website here. Look out for the Forge Fathers being added soon!  
Dungeon Saga
The Dungeon Saga Kickstarter has completed its second week of funding and is currently the second most backed Kickstarter we’ve ever done, with two weeks still to go!
And we’ve achieved a lot this week, funding:

Solo Play and Fully Co-op
We’ve been able to create A.I. cards for the heroes and the Necromancer to enable Solo Play and Fully Co-op.
With solo play, you need never find an opponent. Simply take on the party of heroes – or the forces of darkness – and use the A.I. cards to control the opposing forces.
Or, if you want to team up with the kids and fight against the dungeon, you can now do so with “Fully Co-op” mode, meaning you don’t need a Dungeon Master to play, so you can all be on the same side.

The Warlord of Galahir Expansion Set
New tiles, new scenarios, new special abilities and equipment for your heroes to find, The Warlord of Galahir also introduces an essential Dungeon foe to this epic adventure: Goblins!
There are a number of these new models included free in your pledge level to use with your Adventurer’s Companion, which now includes all of the stats for Kings of War greenskins!
But that’s not all: sculpted 3D Dungeon Furniture is now on the horizon…
Please join us on this journey and help us make Dungeon Saga the best board game we can. Thanks for your support!

Win a Dungeon Saga Pledge!
We’re currently running a contest with Board Game Geek, with a grand prize of a Dungeon Master pledge on offer! There are also 5 second place prizes, where you can get a copy of the Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest.

Price Rise
Earlier this month we completed our Euro price rises, on select key price points.
We’ve delayed implementing the price adjustments for the $ price point until the 1st September, giving you two extra weeks of picking up items at the current rate.

New Dungeon Saga Pledge Levels
We have great relationships with our retail partners and have used Kickstarter in the past to produce quality games and miniatures for them to sell.
Dungeon Saga is no different and earlier in the week we opened up a special pledge level for our retailers so they could get involved with the project, and get some great rewards for jumping in upfront.

New Ironwatch Issue now out!
The new issue of Ironwatch – the monthly Mantic fan-magazine, is available for download.
Check it out here!

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