Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Round-Up

Been a fairly quiet week for new releases...well quiet for new releases I actually care about at least*...fortunately there's been plenty of other news that does interest me to keep us occupied...

*I'm sure there's places you can read about Infinity's new box set and get Space Wolf rumours from without me needing to do it, lol.

It was a thrilling read...almost as good as his blog articles in fact...

Before we get into the 'Round-up' itself I have a public service announcement...

I'm going to be away Monday to Friday next week and it's unlikely that I'll have internet access for that time period meaning that any sneak previews that make there way to the internet will most likely be old news by the time I get back to a computer Friday evening, I won't be linking to newsletters as soon as they appear and I won't be in a position to link to articles in the usual places (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Forums and Groups, etc.). Effectively that means if you want to look at new posts (I'll have some scheduled) you'll have to come here and find them yourselves and if I've screwed something up I wont be able to do anything about it till Friday evening. Scheduled posts are due to appear at 5PM GMT and will consist of the following...

Monday - Detailed unboxing and review of the Star Trek : Attack Wing starter set. It's also the first article of it's type that I've done using higher resolution pictures so you'll all have to let me know if it creates any issues.
Tuesday - Due to the delay in the next wave of Malifaux releases I'm going to schedule a couple of unboxings of older models that I was going to leave to post on the same day as the new equivalents but as that apparently isn't happening for another few weeks I'm going to post them anyway. These are the older metal Molemen and the metal Alternate Bete Noire. One of these (Molemen) will appear at the slightly earlier time of 3PM GMT
Wednesday - The usual Wednesday Gallery with an 'outdoors' theme this week to tie-in to the fact that I'll be on holiday.
Thursday - A brief unboxing of the Alternate M2E plastic version of Perdita as well as some comparison pictures and a slightly different from my normal format unboxing of the Governors Proxy for Malifaux utilising pictures and info provided by a gentleman who goes by the name Sean Overton-shadowopal on the Wyrd Place Facebook group who seems to have managed to get hold of one weeks before I'm going to, lol. I'll integrate his info into an unboxing of my own when I get hold of the model myself.
Friday - An unboxing and review of the new Brotherhood starter set for Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection.

Hopefully the post office will have some parcels waiting for me when I get back as my Toughest Girls of the Galaxy stuff hasn't arrived yet...amongst other things I'm expecting...

Onto the usual bits and pieces then.....

I've done a few features over the last few weeks that may be of interest to you all that in all the excitement and your undoubtedly busy schedules you may have missed including a report on Warlord Games Open Day, a few articles for the Mantic Games fans covering such a wide variety of topics as the new Strider Models both with pictures of a painted example and a review of the kit itself, Pictures of the Wave 2 Deadzone Cards as well as a review of Deadzones Incursion expansion and a feature on the upcoming Mars Attacks Miniatures Game. There's also a rather interesting article (even if I do say so myself) about using themed army projects as a motivational tool.

The Newsletter page has been updated and their are new entries from Forge World, Hasslefree Miniatures, Mantic Games and Warlord Games.

The Newsletter tab can be found here.

We've been a bit starved of new Malifaux products to unbox and review over the last few weeks though we have had some nice reveals for the Wave 2 book that can be found here. Though for the Judge Dredd fans I did an unboxing and review of Mongoose Publishings Judge Dredd Miniatures Game starter set.

On the subject of unboxings, I've been getting asked the same few questions about the articles in general and the Malifaux ones in particular so I thought I'd address them here.....

Q1 - Will you eventually do unboxings on everything Wyrd have done?
A1 - Unlikely...firstly there's some limited edition stuff that's out of my price range and that's unlikely to change any time soon and there's several items that I bought and assembled before I started the unboxing articles and unless some generous person wants to send me them for free I doubt I'll be buying something I don't need just to take it out of a box. At least I can use those models for the comparison pictures as well though.

I will however be keeping up to date with all the new releases (finances permitting).

Q2 - You can't always see the detail with just a front and back view can you do others as well?
A2 - I've already started doing four pictures a model (one of each side) on most of the newer ones as well as close-ups of areas of interest (or that you might have problems with)

Q3 - Can you take higher resolution pictures?
A3 - To be honest the resolution I was using was mainly because I was previously taking a lot of pictures at events and the lower resolution meant that the camera memory held more individual pictures as well as speeding up uploading and transferring information as my old laptop was to be brutally honest quite shit. It also effects the speed that the page loads for those viewers with older or slower computers. I'll start taking higher res pics from this point onwards if people want me to but I really don't see it making that big a difference except when it comes to reading text on sample rulebook pages. So I'll try a higher resolution on pictures for a bit and see if the benefits out weight the disadvantages...

Q4 - How about updating the older ones?
A4 - Eventually I'll get around to adding assembly tips to the ones that don't have them but as with the answer to question 1 I can't see myself buying something I already have just to take another couple of pictures of the models from different angles. However as the older plastic kits that had 1.5 cards in are redone I'll update the posts with pictures of the boxes (If they've changed) and the newer cards. I'll probably also leave the older box and card pictures in there somewhere though for people who might end up picking up an old kit from somewhere and to avoid duplicate entries.

Q5 - Can you label the entries on the unboxing page to indicate the model type as well?
A5 - No, Fuck off...well maybe...I'll have a think about it..

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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