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Mantic Games Newsletter - From Beyond the Grave...

Apparently the Mantic Games people have been quite busy lately...

From beyond the grave...
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This week’s newsletter has a bit of a Kings of War flavor about it, not least because our fantasyDungeon Saga Kickstarter is really picking up pace!

Dungeon Saga features a titanic struggle between a party of heroes and the Necromancer Mortibris as he attempts to raise the greatest Undead army the world has ever seen.

Kind of like this one:
World-Ending Value in a simple one-click bundle

The Bloodmore Legion is a special army deal that contains all manner of skeletons and zombies for your fantasy battles - grab an army in the store!

For Glory!

Tickets are now up for the Clash of Kings Final at Mantic HQ!

Anyone can attend – all you need is a ticket, a 2000 point Kings of War army and a little skill and talent. How hard could it be?

March to war my friends and conquer your opponents to achieve ultimate victory and be crowned tournament winner 2014!

Tickets are limited to just 24.

From the fires of the Abyss!

Today we launched a new blog exploring the impactDungeon Saga is having on Kings of War. You can read it here.

Dungeon Saga has given us opportunity to not only tell stories in Mantica and explore some epic dungeons, it has allowed us to discover more about a few of the new races such as the Forces of Nature.

And then there are the Abyssals:
Next up on the funding list is the second expansion pack, which has a working title of Infernal Crypts.

It features the Abyssals as the primary antagonist and will be the first time we have made models for this great new race.

Of course, we’d like to see a huge army of them on the tabletop as well... go to the blog post here and share your views on it.

The Dungeon Saga Kickstarter is entering its final week! It closes at 11:59pm Sunday 31st August. Please pledge your support and get some great rewards in return!
Fantasy Goes Digital
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Missed The Basilean Legacy before it went out of print? Well, the whole range of Kings of War books are available in EPUB, Kindle and PDF versions on Mantic Digital.

They can also be downloaded for offline use using the Mantic App, available on the Google Play store.

The Rulebook, Heroes and Legends, The Basilean Legacy and Hellfire and Stone are available in one great digital Collection as well.

Grab yours here!

Mantic at Gen Con
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This was by far the best Gen Con to date for Mantic, so let’s wrap up.

Our pathfinders ran a tremendous number of Kings of War, Deadzone and Mars Attacks how-to-play sessions.

And of course, Star Trek Voyager’s Ensign Kym AKA Garrett Wang stopped by for a game!

It was Mars Attacks first public outing in America and demoes went down a storm. Don’t forget that you can pre-order the Attack on Greenville! set here if it’s caught your eye!

The other thing of note was our giant spaceship made entirely out ofBattlezones tiles:

All in all a pretty special 4 days of gaming. Hope to see you next year!

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Come and see us - our show calendar has now been updated!

23rd August: The Vantorian Onslaught, Doncaster

29th August: Games & Gearcon, Crawley

13th September: Kings of War Tournament, Madrid

20th September - Fayre Times Festival II, Essex

20th September: Dragondaze, Newport

27th September: Conquest, Hove

4th October: Derby World Wargames, Castle Donington

11th-12th October - Clash of Kings Final, Nottingham

16th October - Spiel, Essen
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Mantic Games, 193 Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8PF
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