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Mantic Games Newsletter - I'll Use My Broadsword...

As expected with a Mantic Games Kickstarter this one is doing rather nicely...

...all appropriate links including a download for the basic 'alpha' rules are in the newsletter...

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A Wizard, a Barbarian, an Elf
and a Dwarf go into a Dungeon...

Earlier this week, Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest went live on Kickstarter. In 4 minutes we were through our funding goal – and our heroic quest began!

It’s been a busy old week since then…

Dungeon Saga: Alpha Core Rules released!

You can now download the Dungeon Saga: Alpha Core Rules, the cards and the maps in PDF format from Mantic Digital!
Dungeon Saga: prototype game set

The Dungeon Saga: Alpha covers the core rules that act as a foundation for all the myriad bells and whistles we would like to add to make the final game more exciting and characterful. However, adding chrome is only worthwhile if the basic structure is solid, so it’s important to get this right first.

With that in mind we've set up a thread on the Mantic Forum where you can let us know what you think and help us develop them further. Please give them a go and leave us your feedback!
Our own Curis Webb was mysteriously whisked away to Ireland to play through the Alpha Rules with Warren and Lloyd from Beasts of War. Watch it here!

Beasts of War are also running a competition for their Backstage Viewers where you can win a FREE Dungeon Saga pledge. To find out more, click here!

A great-value-for-money pledge level

The Dungeon Master Pledge Level contains a close-to-bursting Dungeon Saga boxed game, bonus Evil Dead miniatures pack - giving you extra Undead enemies to fight against - and Kickstarter Exclusive Keldan Aury’mptor and Gabrielle Erailc figures, plus a whole range of exciting goodies:

And that’s all with 25 days worth of stretch goals to go!

We’re approaching our next milestone and there are a number of suggestions from the community that we’d like to add, such as A.I. rules to enable Solo Play and “Fully Co-op.”

After all, what could be better than teaming up with your kids or your mates and battling against the Necromancer together? Or even taking control of the Necromancer and playing against A.I. controlled heroes... If this is something you’d like, please pledge your support and we’ll try and make it happen!

New Pledge Level, New Miniatures

And finally, we’ve opened a special $1 Adventurer pledge level allowing you to pledge for just the add-ons.

You could get new Kings of War models for your army, Kickstarter Exclusive Resin Heroes, Legendary Models, Dungeon Saga tile packs or even Kickstarter Exclusive Translucent Red Skull Injury Counters!

Join in the fun on the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter here!

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