Thursday, 7 August 2014

Guest Unboxing - Governors Proxy (M2E)

A gentlemen who goes by the name Sean Overton-Shadowopal on the 'A Wyrd Place' Facebook group has got hold off the Governors Proxy model significantly before I'm going to get hold of it and has kindly sent me some pictures together with his opinions of the model. Pretty much all the info in this article is his work for which he has my thanks.

Obviously, this article wont be the same format as my normal ones but when I eventually get the model myself I'll add in some extra pictures and the other bits and pieces...

The kit contains parts for a single model namely the Governors Proxy.

The Sprue.

The mini went together well and there are slots for almost everything except the ink jar hanging from his waist. It is super tiny and challenging to get into place for tubby fingers like mine. 
The Rams skull is stupid. I did not have instructions as they are not on the site yet. But, three pieces for a ram skull that small is ridiculous. I assembled it off the body. Bad move. Put the piece with the horn tips and fabric on the model. Then the horns then the skull I think. I may pick up another and try it that way as I am not pleased with this one.
The quill is going to need more glue. I may drill into his hand and remount the quill. It is not firmly attached at all. But, will try more plastic cement first and see if it holds better. Also considering laying the quill in his hand as opposed to the floating quill look.
Hope this helps.

He's also kindly taken some comparison pictures between the old metal and the new plastic model.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Lol. I figured you would use my comments as a guide. Not as the whole write up. My appologies to your readers for my Non-Gmorts prose. I am sure they look forward to you obtaining the model and doing the job right :).

    1. I figured I'd just do it as a 'guest article' as you'd given me more than enough content to do so.

      When I eventually get the model myself I'll do a full unboxing in my usual style but I'll link to both from the Malifaux unboxing tab. An alternate way of looking at things is useful to have on occasion I've found.

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