Thursday, 14 August 2014

Malifaux at Gen Con 2014 - A Round-up

There's many interesting bits and pieces coming out of Gen Con 2014 already. Here are some of the Malifaux related ones...

Editors Note - These pictures are from all over the place...if some-one wants specific credit then let me know...I can't remember where half of it came from myself...other than my 'Misc. Gen Con' Folder. As usual larger pictures can be seen by clicking on the smaller ones...

First lets look at the 'normal' version of Hannah.

Lord Chompy Bits and Miss Ery...and a bit of Bad Juju.

There's also quite a lot of model pictures that have made an appearance.

We've also had a lot of bastards I'm jealous of people posting various pages from the Wave 2 'Crossroads' book. Hopefully some of your favourites have made their way into the pile...

Some Cosplay as well...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Love the new art, especially Snow and Storm. Who is the one pulling the stroller? I ordered the swamp hag box. The Bad Juju looks fantastic.

    1. The one pulling the stroller is 'Nanny' who is part of Molly's crew she's pushing a pram containing the head that Molly previously carried around with her.

  2. Can't wait for Nanny, Kamataichi, and Tengu!


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