Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Unboxing Malifaux - Alternate Bete Noire.

While we're waiting for the new plastic versions of these models lets have a look at the older metal ones. Comparison pictures will be added when I have something to compare them to...


What's better than a model of a female mass murdering torturer who has been summoned via the recently dead? One with the victim still featured of course.....

Blister Artwork.

Alternate Bete Noire - Unassembled

Alternate Bete Noire Stat Card (1.5)
With the advent of version 2 (M2E) these 1.5 version stat cards are obsolete but they are included here for the sake of completeness.

Alternate Bete Noire - Assembled
With the exception of the victims handgun all the parts are fairly substantial and have more than adequate contact points. There's some movement in the points at which Bete's body connects with the blood trail emerging from the victim and also where the victims body attaches to his legs so be sure your happy with the location before you glue (It's not much give but it's still worth mentioning). The handgun is no more fiddly to attach than any other such part so should offer little challenge to even the fledgling model assembler. Once assembled the 'blood trail' part of the model is fairly easy to bend so be careful when transporting and storing.

and a few close-ups...

For those of you interested in such things here are some comparison shots between the original and the alternate metal versions of Bete Noire. The new plastic version of Bete Noire will be added to the comparison section as soon as I have it.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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