Monday, 11 August 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some nice new miniatures...with the usual selection of naked ones, lol.

The Countdown to 'Move Day' continues!
It's difficult at a time like this as it may look like nothing's going on, when in reality that couldn't be further from the truth, it's just nothing that would interest you guys :)
Meetings with accountants and estate agents etc. just don't make for thrilling facebook announcements. They also slow down our release schedule and problem solving abilities.
Ah well, you'll just have to take our word for it, it's all building to something good! :) New premises will mean more room, which means we can expand into more goodies. It also means we can more efficiently manage the office which will give us more spare time... to expand into more goodies!
In the meantime though, Kev continues to churn out miniature awesomeness and this week we have a few more available for ya!
Before we get to them though, I think there's just time to sneak in a quick promo ...
Happy Birthday Jenn!
My wife Jenn, who is responsible for the candies you guys get in your packages and how nicely and safely wrapped they all are (amongst many other things) will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow.
Now I'm not allowed to tell you how old she is as that is a closely guarded secet, however if you spend more than 'THIRTY TWO' pounds, before postage, between now and the end of tomorrow, we'll include a free Luna - who happens to be modelled on Jenn.
If you go nuts and spend more than £132 then we'll upgrade it to a Resin Master of Luna!
Just to clarify, that's 32 pounds or more.

Happy Birthday My Love! ;)
Lt. Merys Thoran
Lt. Merys Thoran shows our intrepid adventurer later in her career. Still armed with the KW10DU/F  'Shard' Assault Rifle, capable of firing both 10mm depleted uranium and flechette sabot rounds. She is now outfitted in the  'Lobo class' powered armour but has still kept her sensor-heavy 'Hormiga' helmet from her previous experience as a forward scout.
(Capt. Thoran is currently only available as a Resin Master, as she is an identical miniature except for having the 'Lobo class' helmet under her arm instead. She may become available as a metal mini in the future but not any time soon, if ever)
(Photographs will need to be replaced at some point as our polish melted in the recent heat!)
Painted version by Dwartist
Resin Mater - Maika von Ostwald
Maika is the rebellious only daughter of Margraf von Ostwald. After her older brother, and heir to the von Ostwald estate, was kiled in battle when she was a teenager, Maika decided to prove she was every bit worthy of the title herself. Joining the Emperor's Greatswords, she rose through the ranks and now commands her own Unit.
Armed here with her giant flamberge and showing a distinct air of cocky reassurance.
(The metal version will be 'slightly' altered for casting purposes. The tip of the sword will be buried slightly in the ground for more stability and the gap between her head and hilt may have another feather or similar)
Resin Master - Karl Drax
Karl Drax is the go-to mercenary if you'd like to protect your shipment from Space Pirates. Next to nothing is known of Karl's history other than he's not human, despite his looks, and that if you ask him what race he actually is you'd better hope he's too drunk to care.
Has a love-hate relationship with the Pirate Queen Andreah, who may or may not be the same race. Armed simply here with just his trusty blaster and dressed lightly.
Resin Master - Dakota
Dakota is the haunted, but resilient, lone survivor of a number of Zombocalypse survivor groups. Recently crossing paths with tthe group containing Clint & Beth she made the tough decision to travel with them a little way despite prior happenings. Armed with a shotgun, twin holstered pistols and various other weaponry hidden around her body and overcoat.
Resin Master - Levon
Levon was an FDNY Firefighter before the Zombocalypse and he's stuck to what he knows since then. Armed with one of his old axes, a pistol and wearing an old uniform that still sorta fits.
Resin Master - Il Capello
ɪl Capello has been working for the same family for generations. His job title has varied over the years but most people would settle on 'cleaner' and leave it at that. One thing that's definitely known for certain, he's the last person you want to come visit, as he probably will be.
Resin Master - Jaymi
Another member of our Fantasy Harem. Hailing from the East, Jaymiis known for being incredibly happy at almost all times.
Resin Master - Tabitha
Another member of our Fantasy Harem of beautifully sculpted women in a severe state of undress. Tabitha is more of a 'take charge' kinda lady and is seen here ordering 'someone' to do 'something'. Fill in your own blanks!
Tabitha, like Lena, will likely only be available in resin (at least for quite some time) as she won't cast in metal 'as is' and we are always loathe to cut up harem minis as the joins are harder to hide without clothing. We may at some distant point in the future modify her slightly, by using an arm bangle or similar and cut off her arm, but for the forseeable future she is resin only.
And FInally...
That's it for this week. Don't forget to go and 'like' Kev's work facebook page as you could have seen all of these as a 'Work in Progress' and had the ability to speak up and affect the final product (it's why Il Capello will have 2 variants for example).
This weeks Resin master's mean there's only 1 full mini left from Kev's Summer Challenge and it's the winner of the Fan's Choice poll, the female Witch Hunter. Keep an eye on the aforementioned Kev's page for any WIPs of that.
As mentioned though we had such a great response to the poll, twice the votes of the first poll, that we will be making more than just the winner. So if your particular choice didn't make it you still have a fairly good chance that it'll appear :)
For those of you asking about the new Dynamic Deth and Taxxis, we are still sourcing the perfect chain to include with her for the reins. The kit will be a little less 'newbie-friendly' than usual but we think it'll be worth it.
Our sculpting competition entries still remain in the 'moulding/casting' phase, it was always going to be a difficult process but we are doing our best with that.
I think that's it, as always keep up with on the go announcements via our regular Facebook Page.
'til next time,

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