Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Black Library Newsletter

Some interesting new bundles from the Black Library...

This week, we're releasing seven (yes, seven) classic full colour comics from the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Each one is packed full of action, explosions, cool stories and obligatory sound effects like Fa-Thoom!
Explore tales of the Black Templars, penned by the mighty Dan Abnett. Or join the Astra Militarum on the front line with action written by Graham McNeill.

There's something for everyone here. If you don't believe us, head over to the site and see for yourself.

We love words at Black Library, but sometimes you can't beat a great graphic novel to kick back and relax with – why not try it?
Can't decide which ones to buy? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these two great value bundles. Order all seven eBooks or paperbacks and save yourself a few pennies:
All 7 for the price of 6

All 7 for the price of 5

The Bladestorm continues in part six of the Quick Reads series

With his forces devastated and enemies on all sides, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm puts into action an audacious plan that could spell victory or doom his remaining warriors to a painful death.

Read the whole story so far with the amazing valuesubscription – all 7 instalments for the price of just 4.

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