Thursday, 16 June 2016

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Some new release news from the Black Library...

The Dark Angels have the longest history of all the Space Marine Legions – predating even the Imperium, though not with their current name. Before the discovery of Caliban and the Lion were known, before the Emperor’s warriors left the Sol system, they were known as The First. And even earlier, during the Unification Wars, the Legions had not yet been created and the Emperor’s finest warriors existed as the Six Hosts of the Angels of Death. Known as the Hexagrammaton, the exact organisation of which has been lost, these hosts were renamed after ‘wings’ that existed in Calibanite culture – the Deathwing, Dreadwing, Firewing, Ironwing, Ravenwing and Stormwing. Each has its own strategies and access to unique devastating Terran technologies.

Farith Redloss is the Voted-Lieutenant of the Dreadwing. Bearing his hourglass-bladed axe, he is the elected leader of the most destructive, war-hungry warriors of the Legion. When the Dreadwing are summoned, they embody their battle-chant: ‘We have come. We are death.’ Their purpose is simple: utter eradication of all opposition. In his desire to hunt down Konrad Curze, the Lion unleashes the fury of the Dreadwing onto the Ultramarines homeworld of Macragge.
It’s no secret that Angels of Caliban sees a rematch between the Lion and the Night Haunter – it’s right there on the amazing Neil Roberts cover! As many will know, this will be the fourth time the two Primarchs have clashed and, depending on which corner of the internet you listen to, either the Lion or Curze are ahead on points or this is the decider. This time we will see just which of them really has the upper hand. I promise.
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