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Monday 14/06/16

The year is 1815...

And Napoleon is on the march, the only force standing in his way is the beleaguered British army with their Dutch, Belgian and German allies. Bl├╝cher and his Prussians are too far away to help, and will arrive only to find the ragged colours of Wellington's forces fall under the mighty Eagles. Unless Wellington's men can hold. 
Designed by Alessio Cavatore and illustrated by Peter Dennis, Waterloo 'Quelle Affaire' is a hex-based board game where two players must cunningly use stratagem cards, commanders and tactical positioning to recreate or to change what is arguably the most famous battle in history.

Join us today in watching Justin and Warren from Beasts of War claim the roles of these two titanic figures, testing their minds and generally having a good mind with this fantastic war game here! If you enjoy watching them play, or think that you could have done better (whether better than these two or better than the mighty generals themselves) then Waterloo 'Quelle Affaire' is available to purchase from our website here! For a closer look at the contents of the box, you can scout the contents by following the Beasts of Warunboxing video here.
Early prototypes of the models for the first expansion to our Jim Henson's Labyrinth board game have been spotted at the UK Games Expo – have a peek and join the speculation on ourfacebook page!
We're getting close to the moment when we'll be sharing a first glimpse of our Tails of Equestria RPG's rulebook... stay tuned!
Join the Hunger games board game page hereto join in the discussions and get the latest Hunger Games news.
Completed the Terminator Genisys scenarios in the starter rulebook? Then check outmission four, published on the web for the first time! Live the movie!
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