Sunday 5 June 2016

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Deadzone 2nd Edition from Mantic Games now available in stores...

Deadzone is in Stores Now...
...and I really hope you’ll get down to your local gaming store and give it a demo. Many stores have taken a demo pack and are now busily building the models and scenery and playing Forge Fathers off against the Enforcers. Give it a try if you get chance - or come by our stand at UK Games Expo this weekend or Gencon in a couple of months (what, already?!).
Ronnie and Beasts of War play Deadzone!
If you don’t get chance to get along to a store, or your local store isn’t running demos (boo hiss - shame on them!!!) then watch me trying to help Warren and Justin through their first game. Although I might get a couple of the rules wrong you’ll certainly get the idea behind the game, and see all the killing at its glorious best.
Try it for free!

As always with Mantic, you can give it a go before you have to fork out any cash. So, if you want to give the game a go dig out some models and terrain and try out the new rules here.
Get your free rules here!
This is the cut down rules set with a couple of factions so you can give the game a proper try out. You'll need to sub in some D6 dice to cover the command dice and a few markers – but if you watch the BoW video you’ll know what’s what very quickly.
Enter the Warpath Universe!
We have built a fantastic new website that has lots of info and hobby articles about goings on in the Warpath Universe, and you can find all of that here.
The Veer-myn are Unleashed!

Finally, the end of this month will see the evil (they say just misunderstood!) Veer-myn hitting the Deadzone table with their own expansion detailing a Veer-myn infestation onExham IV.

You can pick up the brand new Veer-Myn Faction Starter and Faction Booster from your local hobby retailers, or from our webstore!

For more on Exham IV or June's new Deadzone releases visit the Mantic Blog.
So I hope to see you at a show soon, and until then remember...

Containment Protocols are in FULL EFFECT! Happy Deadzones!
NEXT WEEK: The return of Dungeon Saga and the beast arises...
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