Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wyrd Games 'Monday' Preview

They did indeed post this on Monday...but I had to go to work before they did so it's now a Tuesday preview as far as I'm concerned...

This new Guild Master from the upcoming 'Ripples of Fate' book is somewhat unusual. I'll be very interested to see how she works....

This week's Monday Preview is a look at Nellie Cochrane, a new Guild Master! Nellie is from the upcoming book Ripples of Fate
The Guild's newest newsy, Nellie Cochrane is going to bring a whole new way to experience Malifaux to the Guild. She manipulates her opponents with propaganda, incites them into making a scene, and ties down the opposing Crew like no other Guild Master. She is also fantastic for manipulating Scheme Markers and brings a fresh take to the way Guild hires Mercenaries.
Come on over to our forum to discuss, and stay tuned next week for the Gremlin reveal!

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