Friday, 3 June 2016

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A lot of new release and event news from Wizkids...

Greetings WizKids Fans,

COMING SOON!  WizKids Announces a New Dungeons & Dragons Premium Board Game: Assault of the Giants and Our Next Set of D&D Miniatures for Icons of the Realms: Storm King's Thunder
WizKids, the industry leader in quality pre-painted plastic miniatures and publisher of premium tabletop games and accessories, has announced the upcoming release of two new Dungeons & Dragons products for Wizards of the Coast’s storyline coming in August 2016: Storm King’s Thunder.
NEW ORGANIZED PLAY EVENTS!  Prepare for a Fun-filled Month of Events at your FLGS

Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline OP 
The Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play has begun!

The Superhuman Registration Act has divided the heroes (and villains) of the Marvel Universe— whose side will you be on when you face off against your friends and former allies in Marvel HeroClix: Civil War?
Marvel HeroClix: Civil War is a four-month Storyline Organized Play event series that will both divide and unite HeroClix players around the world as they choose to fight alongside Iron Man and other Pro-Registration heroes or alongside Captain American and his band of Anti-Registration vigilantes.

For more information on the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War OP Event, visit:

DC Comics HeroClix: Injustice League OP
Follow Lex Luthor, the Injustice League founder, and his super-villain allies, including Sinestro and Captain Cold, in an effort to take over the world. The villains of the DC Comics universe may have different motives but many share a common goal, destroying the Justice League.

Find out Lex Luthor’s real plan for world domination and ban together with the members of the Injustice League on the tabletop in DC Comics HeroClix: Injustice League.

For more information on the DC Comics HeroClix: Injustice League OP Event, visit:
DC Comics Dice Masters: Bombshells OP

Female super heroines join the fight, front and center, in DC Comics Dice Masters: DC Bombshells.  Lois Lane, Stargirl, Mera and other leading ladies of the DC Comics universe are an all-new, all-female special force taking on the Nazis in World War II, while facing the cultural challenges of women in society.

Show your support of their patriotic propaganda in the DC Comics Dice Masters: DC Bombshells Organized Play events.

For more information on the DC Comics Dice Masters: Bombshells OP Event, visit:
Star Trek: Attack Wing: The Classic Movies Storyline OP 

The Star Trek: Attack Wing: The Classic Movies Storyline Organized Playcontinues with The Search for Spock and concludes with the final scenario, The Voyage Home.

The Search for Spock:
The Genesis planet was created when Khan Noonien Singh detonated the Genesis Device in the Mutara Sector in an attempt to kill Admiral James T. Kirk. The planet is growing very rapidly and you have sent an away team to the planet’s surface to study it. While your away team is on the planet, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet who has sent its own away team to the planet’s surface. Can you retrieve your away team before the volatile planet or the enemy’s away team destroys them?

The Voyage Home:
While you are battling with an enemy fleet, an alien probe enters your sector. This probe is draining the power from everything that it comes in contact with and none of your efforts have had any effect on it. The probe seems to be on a course towards the Earth. Can you avoid this strange probe and defeat your enemy? Or will you be left powerless in space?

For more information on the Star Trek: Attack Wing: The Classic Movies Storyline OP - The Voyage Home, visit:
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UNBOXING!  Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Boosters with Scott Porter!
Watch as Scott Porter unveils figures from the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War boosters! Want to get your hands on these figures? Register today for the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Organized Play event at your FLGS now!

For more information on the Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline OP Event, visit:

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