Friday, 17 June 2016

Unboxing Devils Run: Route 666

Word Forge Games recently created a miniatures game called Devils Run: Route 666 via Kickstarter which is now available to purchase. No regular reader of the blog will be surprised to find that I've decided to do an unboxing of it...

I acquired this box a while ago as part of the Kickstarter so have a few extra bits and pieces over and above what will be available in the commercially available starter set but I'll show these separately so as to avoid any confusion about what you get.

Box Cover

Before we get onto the models which is I'm sure the bit you're really interested in lets look at the other necessary components to play the game.

Instruction Booklet
Here's some sample pages from the rulebook.

Game Components
The game comes with double-sided board pieces, stat cards, counters, dice and the models themselves.
Board Pieces
The board pieces are made of decent quality material and are double-sided to give you variety in appearance and varying 'hazards' on the road.

There are stat cards for each vehicle, specialist drivers, equipment and vehicle upgrades as well as some weather effects.
The core box contains two factions namely the Law and the Hauls Angels. It's also worth noting that on the first picture directly below I got the last two cards on the far right mixed up so 'Doom' should be at the top with the Hauls Angels and 'Bullet' should be at the bottom with the Law.

 All the necessary dice and counters are in the box as well as some clear plastic strips to put the bikes on so the stay upright on the playing area.

The Models
As I mentioned earlier their are two factions in the starter box and each of these consists of a single car, a pair of bikes and another vehicle somewhere between the two.. We'll look at both factions separately.
Here's the pile of bits before assembly. Some of these are Kickstarter extras and I'll discuss which is which as we go along.

The Law
There was an extra bike in the KS box which I photographed along with the other 'Law' models but you only get two in the standard box.

The Law - Car

The Law - Buggy

The Law - Bikes
You only get two of these in the standard box...the third was a Kickstarter extra...
You get a number of different riders for the bikes...

 The Haul's Angels
The Hauls Angels get a trike instead of a buggy...

The Haul's Angels - Car

The Haul's Angels - Trike and Bikes

The Haul's Angels - Trike

The Haul's Angels - Bikes

Kickstarter Extras
Those people who got their's as part of a Kickstarter pledge will have got a few extra items in their packages.
Artwork and Cards

KS 'Bane' Car

KS 'Gyrocopter'

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


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