Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Unboxing Raging Heroes - Kurgan Wereshewolves

Raging Heroes 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' Kickstarter had the laudable aim of creating several female themed armies that could be used in a variety of existing game systems and eventually with the ambition of creating their own rules system as well. So far they're at the 'create some awesome armies' part of this mission...

For those of you who are interested in the background for their various projects then the link to their original Kickstarter can be found here, their last project here and their own website here. much of their original Kickstarter is now available to purchase retail and at the time of typing this I think you can still pledge to their most recent project.

First lets have a bit of background on the faction these models are from and then we'll have a detailed look at the specific models this feature is concentrating on...

Led by the ultra-powerful Kurganov family, the Kurganova Shock Troops are a highly organised and disciplined army with underlying Eastern European themes. They also benefit from the support of strong cyber-enhanced pagan magic. This, among other things, allows them to 'waken' the 'were' gene that can transform some members of the Kurganova army into giant were-wolves or were-bears.

In this feature were going to look at four unique ladies from the Kurganova Shock Troops faction...namely the Wereshewolves Reyha, Sheera, Vankaree and Zagrath.

As I acquired these models during the Kickstarter rather than as retail models there will not be any box pictures.

Kurgan Wereshewolves
Each of these models comes with a 50mm base.

General Assembly Tips
These models are made of resin and as with all models made of that substance you may encounter a few minor issues. Firstly you may find that some pieces are slightly out of shape...this is entirely normal and can be solved by heating up the part slightly with some warm (that's 'warm' not 'boiling') water and then carefully bending the piece back into it's correct configuration. You may also find that pieces that slot into recess or indentations may require a bit of filing due to expansion as well as the normal clean-up that we would expect with such detailed models. Where there are sprue pieces attached to the model parts take care when trimming them off so as not to lose any detail that may be nearby.

Specific 'Wereshewolves' Assembly Tips
Several of these models have the thumb of the clawed hands as a separate piece and as these particular parts are quite small you'll need to be careful when handling them. All four models have 'dreadlocks' which are quite thin and I can imagine being difficult to glue back together if they were to snap so handle then with care. Some additional filing of location slots was also needed in a couple of places where some expansion had occurred. All in all these weren't difficult models to assemble for any-one with a modicum of modelling experience and access to a file...


Reyha - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the models parts in their unassembled form.

Reyha - Assembled


Sheera - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the models parts in their unassembled form.

Sheera - Assembled


Vankaree - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the models parts in their unassembled form.

Vankaree - Assembled


Zagrath - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the models parts in their unassembled form.

Zagrath - Assembled
I had a minor issue with the rock on this model having a chunk missing (possibly due to an air hole during the moulding process) and though I'm sure the fine people at Raging Heroes would have been happy to replace the part it was a problem easily solved with a chunk of modelling putty.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. The casting quality looks awesome. I'm backing their latest kickstarter, so it definitely makes me excited to see the finished models. Now you just have to work out how to paint them!

    1. Their models are excellent and I'll be doing features on a few more over the next month or so. As for painting I have a few weeks off in a month or so, so hopefully I can get some paint on some models then.


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