Wednesday, 1 June 2016

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Some more news on the Labyrinth Board Game from River Horse Games...

Tuesday 01/06/16

It's only forever, not long at all.

Hello Labyrinth fans, a lovely little update for you all today, and quite a nice little surprise, shall I start with the surprise? Very well then, we are not ending the pre-order for Labyrinth today, we have received huge amounts of support and enthusiasm from the fans and have therefore decided to extend the pre-order period! As for the update, we would like to congratulate Victoria Lane on winning the pre-order prize, you will be receiving your choice of figure through the post very soon, and we hope he or she has found a loving home.

Hmmm, wait a second, if we are extending the pre-order but have just announced the winner of the pre-order prize then that means the people who order from now on will have no chance to win... that doesn't seem fair, not fair at all. Maybe that's just the way it is or maybe...

Lets run another competition!

Everyone who pre-orders a Labyrinth copy now, including everyone who has already pre-ordered will be added to a pool for a third draw in which you could win your very own choice of jumbo playing piece. This includes everyone who comes and pre-orders at the UK Games Expo at Birmingham this weekend! We can be found at stand F12 and we will be demoing the game so you can try it out for yourselves!
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