Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Massive Darkness Kickstarter

It seems like 'Dungeon Crawl' games are back in fashion...

Massive Darkness
is now live!
You need only open your eyes to see it. Darkness is creeping back into our world. Evil stirs in the deep places, summoning the long vanquished wicked folk under its banner. Rumors of mythic monsters terrorize the lands. Our leaders refuse to see it. But will you not join this quest for the truth?
Massive Darkness is a dungeon crawl board game for 1 to 6 players. With no game master and streamlined rules, players take their heroes on a series of quests to defeat the forces of Darkness. On their way they'll face many challenges, including a large variety of enemies that range from mobs of evil dwarves to gargantuan demons and spiders. To be victorious, heroes will need to acquire new skills throughout the campaign, find the best loot to equip themselves, and learn how to use the cover of darkness to their advantage!

The Darkness that had been vanquished long ago is rallying all manner of wicked creatures to its cause. The legendary Lightbringers who once stood against it are no more, and so it is up to a handful of untested heroes to gather their courage and venture into the dungeons to uncover the Darkness' plans, and stop them before it can spread throughout the land!
The Heroes: Sibyl the elf ranger, Bjorn the barbarian, Siegfried the dwarf berserker, Elias the wizard, Whisper the rogue, and Owen the paladin.
Whether venturing into the darkness on your own, or as a group of up to 6 companions, each of the heroes brings something different to the game.They each possess a couple of special skills that may guide their strategy in the campaign. Exploring the dungeon and killing enemies will also grant them amazing loot in the form of weapons, armor and magic items, giving them lots of different gameplay options as they advance on each quest.
The Forces of Darkness come in all shapes and sizes!
Massive Darkness pits a host of varied enemies against the heroes. As you delve deep into the dark, you'll encounter challenges in varied numbers, varied sizes, and varied strength and abilities. Enemies may spawn in several different ways: they may be lurking inside a room the heroes explore; they may pounce on the heroes as a surprise ambush; they may be patrolling the corridors ahead; or they may be called as reinforcements.

Hurry and help bring to the light all that may be lurking in the Darkness!

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