Friday 3 June 2016

Unboxing Knight Models - X-Men

The people at Knight Models have recently added a new superhero game to their existing Batman Miniatures Game in the form of a Marvel Universe Miniatures Game.

The two games are however quite different so you can't currently have Batman fighting Captain America...well...not officially at least...I'm sure some-one will attempt a very unofficial rules conversion at some point...

As an X-Men fan I obviously went with them as my first 'team' rather than the other two teams that were available as well initially (The others being rather obviously The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy due no doubt to the success of their respective films). Other individual models are also being released for each of these three factions and no doubt other teams will also appear as time goes by.

Note - I take pictures at a more than adequate resolution for you to copy the pics to your desktop and zoom in should you be interested in particular points of detail.

The set comes with the four models on the cover, textured bases, stat cards for each and a mini rulebook containing all the rules you need to play with the only thing preventing you from starting straight away is the absence of dice. The models themselves are metal and most require some assembly. The bases however are plastic and look like this...

The rulebook looks like this...obviously this is just a sample...I doubt Knight Models would want me to post the whole thing...

The X-Men - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the models.

The X-Men - Stat Cards
The cards fold out presumably so they fit easier in the sprue and therefore either look like this...
...or this...obviously this is the useful side...

The X-Men - Assembled
The X-Men starter set contents are rather unsurprisingly affiliated with the 'X-Men' faction and are all 'Heroes' with the exception of 'Wolverine' who is also affiliated with the 'Avengers' faction as a 'Hero'.

The X-Men - Assembled - Colossus
This model is a single piece so other than inserting it into the base slot there are no assembly issues.

 The X-Men - Assembled - Cyclops
This model has a separate arm and the joining point isn't bad for a metal model as you can see from the pictures below. There was a tiny bit of 'flash' on the neck area but it was easily removed with a scalpel.

The X-Men - Assembled - Rogue
This model has one leg to attach and as with Cyclops the join is quite good though it's possible that it may need a bit of filing to make the joining point perfect.

The X-Men - Assembled - Wolverine
Whereas comic book Wolverines claws are retractable, model Wolverines apparently attach at the wrist, lol. This was relatively speaking the worst model of the three to assemble as the joining point needed a bit of work and may require a bit of filler before undercoating. These little issues are quite common with metal models and nothing that a tiny bit of work won't sort but it's worth noting.

Should you be interested in this set or any other models from the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game factions then this page here will let you know what models are available for each faction.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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