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The latest 'Nickstarter' from North Star...

From today, we’ve ‘triggered’ the Nickstarter pre-order campaign for our game of 19th Century wargames,
Death in the Dark Continent
Photo of Death in the Dark Continent. (BP1569)Death in the Dark Continent.What is DEATH IN THE DARK CONTINENT?
Death in the Dark Continent 
is a set of rules to recreate warfare in Africa from 1870 to 1899. It was first written by Chris Peers in 2009 and was extremely well received by players, selling out quickly. When the reprint was discussed, I said to Chris that I'd like to do much more with the next version.
The new version of Death in the Dark Continent is what is at the printers right now. The basic rules have not been re-written. It's not second edition, but we have restructured the rules to make them easier to read, in response to players comments. The new book also includes the extra army lists and rule changes that were developed after the first print run. For example the army lists have increased from 32 to 80 different armies. We have added are lots of photographs of painted miniatures, many of them used to show game play, but also just Photo of Death in the Dark Continent. (BP1569)to show off how great figures for this period can be. There is Photo of Death in the Dark Continent. (BP1569)artwork and photographs, most of it contemporary, some from Osprey Publishing and others commissioned for the book.
Chris has added lots to the new book as well. He has written a history of the period, a who's who of the personalities, and a new game. The new game is in addition to Death in the Dark Continent, it's called Man V Beast and is a period safari game pitting hunter against prey. There are a number of sample armies photographed and described in the book, to help illustrate to players what a DitDC army looks like.
I hope you'll find that not only is Death in the Dark Continent a great game to play, but that this book is the sole work you'll ever need for referencing late 19th Century Africa
Happy Gaming! Nick Eyre
Early Bird
VLW2 - British Infantry (Zulu War) 1877-81If you order in the first five days, you can buy Nickstarter deal books one or two at a super discounted price.
You’ll also get put into a prize draw next Wednesday for a box of the new Perry Miniatures plastic Zulu War British Infantry!
Every copy of Death in the Dark Continent will come with a free pack of African civilians, designed by Mark Copplestone specifically for this promotion. Every copy of Death in the Dark Continent will come with a free pack of African civilians, designed by Mark Copplestone specifically for this promotion. Every copy of Death in the Dark Continent will come with a free pack of African civilians, designed by Mark Copplestone specifically for this promotion.
In the spirit of all our Nickstarter campaigns, we’ll be logging the number of books sold. You’ve set a number of ‘Spend Goals’, and as the number of books sold hit those goals, they’ll release more free figures for every Nickstarter participant.
Where do you go for more information about Death in the Dark Continent?
We already have articles in our on-line magazine for DitDC, on the history of the armies and basing figures. More will be added, so keep visiting.
Death in the Dark Continent.There is a Facebook page dedicated to DitDC, where we'll notify you about news and developments.
There is also a Facebook group for players, where you can share ideas, ask questions, post photos of your figures, terrain and leave AAR's.
Thank you for reading!
Nick Eyre
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