Saturday, 1 April 2017

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Dark Souls the Board Game is coming soon...

Dark Souls the Board Game is Coming!
In the Age of Kickstarter, Dark Souls: The Board Game was unformed, shrouded by funding goals. A land of everlasting campaigns, it’s fate was uncertain. But then there were the Unkindled, and with the Unkindled came certainty. Backers and excitement, render previews and stretch goals, and at last... ship dates!

With faithful goodwill, let it be known we’ve unleashed a miasma of death: Dark Souls: The Board Game (core game) has started shipping today to our loyal backers.

The Age of Death begins!

Be wary brave traveler—amongst shipping, accursed elements lie beyond our control, so hold fast as delivery may take up to 6 weeks to fulfill.
Not among these chosen (backers)? Your chance to pledge eternal life to secure a copy lies ahead. The coming darkness will curse the masses May 26 at your local game store. 

Take heed, Unkindled. This will be your next chance to claim a copy of Dark Souls: The Board Game (core game), so seek out a store near you before it’s too late.

Praise the Sun!

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