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Hey Coach, 

Are you looking to become a convert of the cogs? To swim with a new school? Or do you just want to run with knives? Then mark your calendars—Friday, June 23 it's open season for new coaches to join the Butchers, Engineers, and Fishermen. Meet their Captains below.

The Butcher's Guild: The Bloody Master
“You’re just meat to them. Weak, tender, soft meat. And they’re the Butchers.” 
—    Greyscales, Fishermen’s Guild
Tougher than gristle, Ox sees Guild Ball as nothing but brutal blood sport. More merciless maniac than athlete, the master butcher has transformed the pitch into a kitchen nightmare—cleavers, knives, hooks, you name it, his team wields it. Why the cutlery? Because to this deranged butcher, everyone—even his teammates—is a succulent meat bag, crying out for pain. 

The Bloody Master is the team for you if...
  • You're a new coach who wants to pick up a knife and get to stabbing.
  • You prefer cleavers to clever ball tricks.
  • You want a captain whose focus is taking out players and making every game a ruthless bloodbath.
The Engineer's Guild: The Instruments of War
The Engineer's Guild: The Instruments of War
“They have the most devastating potential of all teams at their fingertips.”
—    Midas, Alchemist’s Guild
Former dog of war. Ambitious tinkerer. Volatile genius. Ballista’s brilliance is as intimidating as his past. No longer squandering his talents on the waste of war, his newest gadgets and gizmos seek to quash the natural talents of man. Why train to be the best when you can simply build something better?

The Instruments of War are the team for you if...
  • Coordinated Mechanica Mayhem was the name of your former band. 
  • You think the best defense is a precision offense.
  • You want a bully of a captain whose go-to shutdown strategy is an arrow to the face.
The Fishermen's Guild: The Changing Tides
The Fishermen's Guild: The Changing Tides
“Ain’t no other team that can catch ‘em. Until someone seriously gets their game on, the Fishermen’s Guild will keep on winning.”
–    Flint, Mason’s Guild
As a cunning predator, Shark is the kind of captain crowds love to watch and players hate to face because he’s aggressively fast. And he’s not shy about showing off. Circling the currents of the pitch, his plays aim to shame—he darts in, steals the ball, and sinks a shot in a flash of blue. Fading back into the murky shadows, he patiently waits to strike again.

The Changing Tides are the team for you if...
  • You prefer brains over brawn. 
  • Your dream captain is a silent predator, one of the faster strikers on the pitch.
  • You want to reel in the points with sleek, flashy goals.
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Upcoming Events!
Regional Qualifier: Top Tier Board Games
SATURDAY, APRIL 8: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Regional Qualifier: Top Tier Games
Are you ready to take to the pitch and prove your skill and mettle?

Top Tier Board Games in Hattiesburg, MS is gearing up to host a Regional Qualifier for the Wargames Con Guild Ball Regional Championship!

Entry is $20, or $10 if you bring a playmat and at least two pieces of legal terrain.
Learn More
Salute 2017
APRIL 12 –14
Steamforged Games is coming to Salute. Come by our booth (TD13) to preview Dark Souls: The Board Game in person, buy new Guild Ball releases, and hunt down something special.
Learn More
Thank You AdeptiCon Attendees!
We had a blast at AdeptiCon meeting and playing games with everyone. From the themed teams to the completely full 32-man qualifier for the Regional Champions, we could't believe how much Guild Ball we crammed into the weekend. We can't wait for next year.
In Case You Missed It
Dark Souls the Board Game has begun assembly and shipping! Check out our update on Kickstarter for more information. Praise the sun! \[T]/
Information Is Key to Victory
We've had an update to one of our Regional Championship locations. Our third Regional Championship will be at Wargames Con Aug 26–28 in Austin, Texas.

Below you can find information on the event and the updated dates for the Regional Qualifiers that feed into the event. *These Regional Qualifier dates are subject to change, as we await confirmation.
Been to our events page yet? (Rumor has it that rejected Guild Ball Mascots tinkered for hours on that page and get fed based on clicks and web page views.) For more detailed updates made without mascot labor, be sure to check the official SFG Blog where you'll find announcements, upcoming release information, posts on Guild Ball's Regional Qualifiers and more!

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