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1st April 2017

Colour Chess + Lure – Live on Kickstarter

Colour Chess: “A fun and unusual take on Chess which gets your brain working creatively... a must-have” Amanda Ross, Casual Chess Café London
Lure: “A very interesting, fast playing and strategic game that is easy to teach and play.” Chris Bowler, UKGMN / Unboxed Blog
The two games play on the same colourful board; players take two turns at once, the first of which is dictated by the colour that your opponent just moved to. This creates devilish strategies where you undermine your opponent’s piece structure or force poor exchanges. You can even combine pieces from one game into the other, for maximum replayability and value for money.
The modular board can be built randomly, patterned, or competitively. Each creates a different feel to the match.
The games are for 2 players, with adjustable complexity depending on the piece setup and game type.
“Definitely something new and unique,”
Please help us to get this game to the table so that more people can play and enjoy it.
Come and say hi at stand G24, you can play Colour Chess + Lure as well as all of the Stak Bots sets.
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