Monday, 29 May 2017

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some new models from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Short and Sweet this Week!
Quick one this week. It's a bank holiday weekend, Sal is still down for the count and so Kev is running light. Jenn is away for the weekend so I'm also running light.

Just happens that way sometimes!
So, just found some time to quickly let people know the following  mini is back in town, mostly due to the ridiculous amount of bugging me about it you guys have done ...
Resin Master - Sister Morrigan
Morrigan is a Battle Sister of the Ordinem Sanctae Malleo. Unflinching and unforgiving, she wields her twin hammers with deadly precision and the strength of the Faithful. Seen here in full battle armour and plaited hair, early in her career.
She now also comes with the two handed maul option, both weapon options included so no need to ask forone or the other ;)

(There'll be better photos when Mother Morrigan returns, and also when Jenn returns :D )
Recent Resin Releases
Left to Right, Top to Bottom we have..
Recent Metal Releases
Left to Right, Top to Bottom we have...

Grond, Half Ogre

Apprentice RaisaYoung Cara and Archmage Raisa

Seren a Delyth and Ariniel

Cambion Brute and Daev

FosterPulse and Larran Jax

Immortan Drumpf and the, for now, disappeared Archbaron.
And Finally...
Jenn'sback tomorrow, concerted effort this week to get back on top of any outstanding issues andniggles. So if you're reading this andone of them is you, then I am on it, I promise!
KS Pledge Manager is awaiting last touches, still can't get it 'quite' right and it's important so we don't end up having problems to solve from it. First metals are in house though and there'll be pics of those next week :D
American Gods is still good.  Archer is great as always. Got back into Lucifer (Welsh actor, no relation ;) ). Will probably skip POTC5, Alien Covenant and King Arthur until dvd thanks to low expectations followed by goddawful reviews!  However Wonder Woman and ... Baywatch are out next week and I can't decide which one I'm lookin forward to seeing the most :D

Time for a lie down! 'til next time,


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