Saturday, 20 May 2017

Leodis Games - Board Matz

Those of you who have seen battle-reports done by me or have actually played a miniature wargame against me in the real world will no doubt have noticed that I spend a lot of time battling enemies on bright green grass...because that's the only mat I owned...until now...

A company called Leodis Games recently came to my attention due to a recent Kickstarter that offered an amazing selection of mats for a variety of gaming systems.

Here are a few examples from their range before we move onto an actual review of one in particular.

I'll use the description from their website rather than do my own...theirs is probably better anyway...

Board Matz
After our massively successful Kickstarter that ended with 1100% funding (yes you read that right One Thousand One Hundred percent funded) we are proud to bring our range of Board Matz to you.

Featuring over one hundred different designs to chose from as well as a range of deployment markings designed for all of your favourite games our Board Matz are made of the highest quality vinyl. They won’t tear or rip, they are drink proof (both hot and cold), the image won’t peel off the backing. In fact under normal wargaming conditions our Board Matz are indestructible!

And they can be customised to. If you want a logo or text adding to a mat or a deployment template for a specific wargame we don’t already have then contact us for a quote. They come with free postage to the UK and their own handy storage tube.

The mat I selected was 'Cobblestones and Grates' with Malifaux deployment markings because Malifaux is my primary game and the deployment markings were subtle enough so I could use it for other game systems without it being too obvious. They'll also make markings more distinct if you let them know before you order...

The mat came packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube (also useful for storage).

The Mat
The material is light enough so that the mat rolls out and lies quite flat even without attaching it to anything while still being hard wearing. 

Here's a picture of the unfurled mat and some close-ups views.

The detail is excellent and uniform enough so you can still place terrain anywhere you feel like without being limited by pre-existing terrain features on the mat itself. Also in anticipation of doing a review I somewhat reluctantly tested it's resistance to that arch-enemy of gaming tables...the mug of tea...I'm pleased to say that it was easy to clean as well as being resistant to some minor abuse I was willing to submit it to for testing purposes, lol.

Some close-ups...

Seamus and his Rotten Belles approve...

In case you missed them at the beginning of the article here's some links...

Leodis Games
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Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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