Saturday, 13 May 2017

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A discount offer from Spartan Games...

Gear Up!
Prepare  for Halo gaming with our 30% discount! 

This weekend on all Halo two player starter sets
At Spartan Games, we are working closely with 343 Industries to bring you iconic models from the Halo universe, in both space and on the ground. Check out our Covenant Carrack and UNSC Autumn-class
announced last month and look out for our next hugely exciting release of more spaceships and mission flyers, in a few days time.

Just imagine yourself leading a fleet of UNSC vessels powering through space, or directing a Covenant armada on its next conquest. Halo: Fleet Battles gives you the opportunity to control the naval forces from the Halo universe in exciting fleet engagements with their enemies. From devastating MAC Guns to powerful Plasma Cannons, you have a variety of weapons at your disposal to attack your opponent and outwit their strategy.

On the ground, you can build and control forces from the Halo universe, where you lead the military might of the UNSC or further the cause of the Covenant and their expansionist Prophets? Halo: Ground Command lets you do just that, using a range of stunningly sculpted 15mm scale and authentically designed miniatures, you too can recreate the iconic scenes from the Halo universe or generate your own exciting scenarios.
There has never been a more exciting time to play this iconic franchise as a miniature game!
To help you get ready for the increased scale of upcoming battles made possible by our exciting expansions, this weekend we're offering 30% off Halo two player box sets. Select from our Halo: Fleet Battles, Ensign EditionHalo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach or get involved on the ground with Halo: Ground Command, The Battle for Reach.

If you've only played one of the Halo games, on the ground or in space, here's a great chance to try your hand at the other environment, or take the opportunity to get your friends kitted out to join the battle between the UNSC and the Covenant.  
To apply the discount, just enter coupon code HALO30 at the checkout and 30% discount will be applied to all qualifying products.  Buying more than one?  No problem - you will get 30% of all of them!
 30% off with coupon code HALO30
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