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From the lure of gold to the shadow of a tyrant, it's never been easier to find your Guild and hit the pitch. Friday, July 21 four more expanded starter sets are coming to a game store near you! Creepy and controlling undertakers, nefarious mercenaries, explosive alchemists, primal hunters—which playstyle fits you?
The Alchemist's Guild: The Lure of Gold
The Alchemist's Guild: The Lure of Gold
MSRP: £50  $75  € 65  $100 AUD
“You wish for some wisdom on the Alchemists? Stay clear of the green smoke and get ready to run when the flasks start to fly.”
— Obulus, Morticians’ Guild
Roiling inside Midas is an unquenchable desire for power. Driven to madness by his acrid ambitions, he’s quick to exploit the chaos of flames and smoke on the pitch. At all costs, avoid his touch—it dooms all to the burdens of ruin.

Midas and his Alchemists engulf the pitch in deadly fumes and flames. These toxic effects quickly choke team movement, letting Midas score with his deceptive speed. Coaches who want to lick opponents with the fires of aggressive positioning will enjoy maiming their opponents with this toxic team.

The Lure of Gold is the team for you if...
  • Flasks, flames, poison, and alchemy are just a few of your favorite things.
  • You want a captain who's a constant threat on the pitch and isn't afraid to brag about it. 
  • You want to cover the pitch in puddles of poison, clouds of smoke, walls of flame AND coach a robot butler.
The Hunter's Guild: Blessed of the Sun Father
Blessed of the Sun Father
The Hunter's Guild: Blessed of the Sun Father
“The Hunter’s Guild is dangerous. Each has lived a life of tracking, pursuing, and killing beasts far more feral and dangerous than you have ever seen. They bring a different set o’ skills to the game.”
– Greyscales, Fisherman’s Guild

A bestial captain with untamed power, Theron strikes with the frenzy of a cornered beast. Tempered by the hardships of war, his primal wrath pushes him to endure and survive. He lives for the thrill of the hunt. Every chase into dense forest leads his prey to face their brutal end.

Theron’s Hunters are a rabid pack. Only when their opponent is most vulnerable will they pounce. Using traps and thick forests, they control the flow of the game by herding opponents directly into danger for brutal take-outs. Patient coaches looking for a fast pack of players to ensnare their prey will enjoy the fury of these Hunters.

Blessed of the Sun Father is the team for you if...
  • Your hobbies include setting traps, stalking prey, and worshiping the sun.
  • You want a captain who disrupts goals with arrows to the knee and crippling snares.
  • You want to control the pitch with ferocious beasts and skilled hunters.
The Mortician's Guild: The Master of Puppets
The Master of Puppets
The Mortician's Guild: Master of Puppets
MSRP: £50  $75  € 65  $100 AUD
“When you play them, you have to surrender control. You can’t simply do what you want. You’ve got to force them to let you do it. Sounds easy? It’s not.”
- Greyscales, Fishermen’s Guild
Obulus' veins course with dark power. Feared as much he is hated, he's as foul as a living cadaver. Enslaving minds to obey his undying will, opponents are but meek instruments for victory. No one can escape his cruel grasp.

Obulus' team of Morticians leave their opponents mourning in a wake of disruptive manipulation. Menacing and unforgiving, this team actively dismantles their opponent’s strategies. Coaches who want to outsmart and exploit their opponents will live for the Mortician’s Guild.
The Master of Puppets is the team for you if...
  • You love to play mind games and get inside your opponent's head.
  • You always relate to the villain. Being the good guy is boring.
  • You want a captain who always has a dirty trick up his sleeve.
The Union: Shadow of the Tyrant
Shadow of the Tyrant
The Union: Shadow of the Tyrant
MSRP: £50  $75  € 65  $100 AUD
“Who are the Union? A mismatched bunch o’ mercenaries, scum and criminals for the most part. You wouldn’t want to meet any of them in a dark alley late at night.”
— Flint, Mason’s Guild

Despised by the righteous, Blackheart’s sole motivation is wealth. A trait befitting a former marauder of the sea. With a body count as far-reaching as the depths of his brutality, he's as swift as shadows. Only death and ruin can keep up with this tyrannous captain.

The Union is a team of criminals with specialized strengths. Under the nefarious rule of Blackheart, his gang of thugs can quickly match his speed or strike with more damage for precision take-outs. Each a deadly tool with a purpose, the Union is the perfect team for Coaches who want a band of ruthless cutthroats with clear-cut strengths.
The Shadow of the Tyrant is the team for you if...
  • You like top hats and thuggery.
  • Your loyalty can be bought... for the right price.
  • You want a team of specialized players who can play for other Guilds.
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Regional Qualifiers for Guild Ball
Mox Boarding House
Saturday, May 6th, 2017 10 AM–9 PM
Join coaches in Bellevue, WA to prove your mastery of Guild Ball. The event winner will earn a position in the Regional Championship, hosted by MuseOn Con in DesMoines, Iowa from May 26 to May 28.
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Forgotten Path Games
Saturday, May 13th, 2017 10 AM–6 PM
Coaches in Vacaville, CA can get one-step closer to the Guild Ball World Championship by competing in Forgotten Path Games' Regional Qualifier. Prizes, fun, and more await all who participate. Event winner earns a position in the Regional Championship at MuseOn Con.
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Community Painting Competiton
Mainspring by Beto
Congratulations to Beto, the first place winner of the Mascot Painting competition. To see more entries and quality hobby work, swing by the Steamforged Blog! 

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