Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wild West Exodus - Two Player Starter Set - Part Three - Lawmen

We covered the necessary templates, tools and other related bits and pieces from the starter set in this introductory article HERE and had a detailed look at the Outlaw faction HERE.

Now we'll look at the models from the starter set that make up the Lawmen faction.

The law was an elusive animal in the Old West, and today’s sheriff could easily prove to be tomorrow’s highwayman at the least provocation or opportunity. Many of the most famous, or infamous, lawmen to establish themselves throughout the western territories were in fact merely the most successful outlaws, history, as is so often the case, having been written by the victors. But after the brutal culmination of the Civil War in the east, the western territories began to experience an age of such violence and upheaval that there was almost no hope for ordinary men and women to survive, let alone prosper. Those who rose up to defend them were the Lawmen.

The Lawmen part of the starter set consists of one Boss (Wyatt Earp), one Underboss (Doc Holliday), Ten Deputy Hired Hands (Five are Long Range, Five are Close Combat). One Heavy Weapon Lawmen (a Light Support Shotgun) and a Lawmen Interceptor (Light Support).

The majority of the humanoid models consist of six or seven parts and have decent attachment points and I encountered no alignment issues where weapon arms have hands attached which is a common issue amongst many models...but not these fortunately. Several of the Lawmen have separate shoulder pads that are quite small so be careful not to lose those bits in the carpet. There are no duplicate models on the sprues so each model is individual in appearance. The Interceptor may have benefited from some instructions but now I've done multi-angle pictures of it for you there's no need, lol.

Wyatt Earp - Boss
The Earp brothers are feared by outlaws across the west and Wyatt is the most feared of them all. Armed with his defensive shield, shotgun, thermite grenades and Peacemaker he is resourceful enough to herald the dawn of any gunslingers bad day.

Doc Holliday - Underboss

Deputies - Hired Hands

Deputy (Long Range)

Deputy (Close Combat)

Heavy Weapon Deputy - Light Support

Interceptor - Light Support

 Well that's it for the starter set...but I''m sure as my collection expands there will be many more such articles appearing...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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