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Warpath is our epic sci-fi battle game featuring hundreds of miniatures, mechs and vehicles fighting for supremacy on the battlefields of the far future. From the heavily armoured but agile Enforcers to the endless swarms of the rat-like Veer-myn, Warpath features six unique armies, each with their motives for entering the fray.

The first four starter armies are available in stores soon and include:
Enforcers - heavily armoured but agile, the Enforcers are the Council of Seven's deadly strike force across the galaxy. Only the most foolish would mess with the might of the Enforcers. Join the Enforcers now!
Forge Fathers - one of the few races to stand against the spread of humanity throughout the stars. The Forge Fathers have hi-tech weaponry to rival the Enforcers. Become a defender of the Star Realm!
Veer-myn - slowly building their forces in the shadowy corners of space stations and GCPS outposts, what the Veer-myn lack in weaponry, they make up for in sheer numbers, teeth and claws! Emerge from the shadows and strike back!
Asterians - determined to keep the balance within the galaxy, when the Asterians march to war they do so with cutting edge droids and drones that can wreak havoc on the battlefield. Restore balance... no matter the cost!


If you fancy giving Warpath a try, you can download the starter rules from our website for FREE! Head over to the Mantic website and you can download the rulebooks from the Operation Heracles rulebooks, which not only give you introductory rules to the game but also provide some custom scenarios set around a clash between the stoic Forge Fathers and brutal Enforcers.

The great thing is that the game is fully compatible with our existing Deadzone miniatures, so if you've got some Forge Fathers or Enforcers from the Deadzone starter set, you'll be able to give the game a go - particularly the smaller Firefight games.
A fly through of the Warpath display table at the recent Mantic Open Day.


Enforcer Accuser Interceptor/Persecutor Bomber
Forge Father Sturnhammer Battle Tank/Drakkar APC
It's your LAST CHANCE to get tickets for the Kings of War doubles tournament, which will be held here at Mantic HQ in Nottingham next month. We'll be closing sales for the event next week. Don't miss out!
This Saturday (May 27th) we'll be heading to Sheffield for the first ever Chillcon event! There will be a Kings of War tournament taking place and we'll be hosting Walking Dead demos all day. Head to the website to find out more...
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