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Tuesday 23/05/17

A mini-adventure for everypony!

Hello Everypony!
We have an exciting little treat for you today – the first of our mini-adventures for Tails of Equestria is available now for download, just click the pic above!
What is a mini-adventure?
Well there is a wonderful game called Tails of Equestria, a game of storytelling and role-playing in which players take control of their very own pony characters to embark on epic adventures across Equestria. They may be saving towns from dragons or stopping a curse from enchanting the ponies of Ponyville, these adventures often take many sessions to complete. A mini-adventure is a little game that can be wrapped up in less than an hour and usually fits in really nicely between other adventures or as an aside, great if not everyone can make it to the game and you don’t want anyone to miss out on the main storyline!
Cool, are there any more?
Yes! But not yet, we will be releasing mini-adventures in the future along with our dice sets, coming late summer!

Meet us at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham!

Are you coming to the biggest UK gaming event of the year?
If so make sure you check out our stand "A26" in hall 1 (below) to pick up the Curse of the Statuettes as well as an exclusive peek at our upcoming products!
The Curse of the Statuettes andthe Tokens of Friendship are now available in stores. You can also pick them up from our stand at UKGE (see above)!
The Goblins! expansion for Labyrinth is being manufactured on schedule for late summer release!
It's River Horse's 7th birthday coming up! We are celebrating with half price sales on our classic boardgames:
A 3rd print run of Labyrinth has started production! you can download the free errata and FAQ pdf here.
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