Tuesday, 17 March 2015

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Plenty going on over the next few months..

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Darkness Comes Rattling is a cooperative board game for 2-6 players that follows the story of the Tribes of Man in their quest to save the world from corruption and Darkness. Each player will guide a mighty warrior and traverse a world of shadows, spirits and other dangers as they combat the coming night. Will you make the ultimate sacrifice? Will you become a mighty warrior, able to fight off corruption? Do you have what it takes to face the Darkness?
WYR11009 - Darkness Comes Rattling

Into the Steam takes you north of the city of Malifaux into new adventures. This book expands on the options presented in the Fated Almanac, allowing players access to rare magics and new technologies. Find new options for character creation, including the ability to play as a sentient machine. Discover new Pursuits that allow you to navigate the lands of the Arcanists. And through it all, prepare for the new hazards you'll find outside the city of Malifaux.
Are you ready to forge yourself anew in the conflicts of the north? Are you ready to venture Into the Steam?
WYR30104 - Into The Steam - $45
Northern Aggression is the next of our Penny Dreadfuls for Through the Breach. It details a sprawling epic adventure through the towns and wilds north of the city of Malifaux.
WYR30202 - Northern Aggression - $20
Don't forget that Iron Painter signups are this month, so Head on Overand check it out.
We want you to get your paints and paintbrushes ready. We want you to pull out all those unpainted figures. And we want you to clear your schedule because there's no time to slack in the Iron Painter. Come April, we'll all embark on the journey together until there's only one left stand...err, painting.

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