Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mongoose Publishing Newsletter

I'm only really interested in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game part of this newsletter myself but cutting off the rest of it seemed a bit rude, lol.

Global Mongoose - 3rd March

We are powering into March at full speed, with the release of a new line of Traveller ebooks and some brand new miniatures for Judge Dredd!

Referee's Aid 1: Among the Trojans

Among the Trojans presents a complete and self-contained game setting for Traveller. It can be placed in almost any star system without affecting a setting’s canon data on what is there. A wealth of adventure opportunities awaits within the Trojan zones of the gas giant Kendelsei, among her moons, and on the system’s outer planets.
Characters do not need a starship to adventure in this environment; it is possible to move between the moons and planetoids by local craft, hitching a ride with friends or paying for passage as necessary. An adventuring group that has the use of a small craft like a cutter or a ship’s boat will find this more than sufficient to give access to the many adventure locations in this sourcebook, though long transits aboard small craft are rarely very pleasant! 

Oz Judge Bruce on Trike

In the eyes of a Judge from Mega-City One, their counterparts in Oz are unusually lax, commonly letting minor crimes go unpunished while maintaining a very light attitude. However, Oz Judges are steely enough when real danger threatens, and it could be said their citizens enjoy a better quality of life. Rather than the lightning fast and powerful Lawmasters, Judges from Oz utilise a Trike which is just at home in the depths of the Radback as on the streets of their city.
We have lots more just released for Dredd, including Citizens of Mega-City One, Assassinator Droids, Lazooka and Stub Gun Armed Judges, and the Cursed Earth Judge! You can find them all here.

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