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The Titan Post - March

Welcome to The Titan Post

Titan Games monthly rundown of the latest releases

Welcome to the latest edition of the Titan Post. To begin with we have some great news for Malifaux fans - the Hide and Seek box is available again. So for those of you who've been waiting patiently for the return of Lord Chompy Bits then your wait is over. More details below.

As well as that we've got the usual rundown of the latest releases from Hawk Wargames, Privateer Press and Knight Models along with details of our events in April.

So we best get started...
Ever since the release of the new rulebook the Batman Miniature Game seems to have exploded amongst the gaming community, and here at Titan we're not really surprised especially when they release figures like this month's. If all goes to plan we should have these in-store around the 8th April.

The Penguin

Fans of the Gotham TV show will recognise this particular disreputable chap. The young Oswald Cobblepot, otherwise known as the Penguin, is the first in a line of figures to hit the shelves from the TV series.

A cruel survivor who can be used as either a leader or a sidekick and has the ability to inspire greater deeds of violence from his surrounding crew.

We can't wait to see who comes next from the TV show.

Commissioner Loeb & Gotham Police

Probably the biggest problem in the GCPD is the level of corruption. For every good cop there is at least one bad cop, if not more, and probably the most corrupt cop on the force is Commissioner Loeb.

The new crew for the Law forces and Organised Crime consists of four new figures, Commisioner Loeb, Lieutenant Branden, Echo and a GCPD Detective.

Take a look at these great new additions to the GCPD
Commissioner Loeb
Commissioner Loeb
Commissioner Loeb
Blackgate Prisoner

Blackgate Prisoners Set II

Straight out of Blackgate. More reinforcements for Gotham's underworld this month with a second set of Blackgate Prisoners.

Pretty much every crew that can take Henchmen can use these less than reputable gentlemen. Might be useful if you fancy a new crew based around the previously mentioned Penguin.

The new set contains four new prisoners.
Blackgate Prisoner
Blackgate Prisoner
Blackgate Prisoner
Blackgate Prisoner
Two face Gang Set II

Two Face Gang Set II

The Two Face crew gets a boost this month with two members to the gang.

Bob and Tot are a welcome addition to the ranks of the disgraced former District Attorney.

In case you're wondering which is which, Bob is the one without the Petrol Bomb who just wants to shoot you, not set you alight.

Gotham is such a friendly city
Green Goblin

Green Goblin

Time to switch universes now. Finally from Knight this month, we have Marvel's Green Goblin.

This Halloween themed villain is quite possibly the most terrifying of the foes that Spideman has faced over the years and is a welcome addition to the Marvel range of figures that Knighht produces.
Not really sure what to say about the releases from Privateer Press this month other than WOW. I'm sure you'll understand what I mean when you see them.
Sacral Vault

Sacral Vault

The new Sacral Vault is a huge new addition to the Minion Forces.

A massive edifice dedicated to ritual sacrifice, the sacral vault is constructed to harness and store the energies of death, literally housing the souls of those killed around it to power the dark rituals of the attending bokor. The souls trapped within are unleashed to rend enemies to bloody rags, but not before their bodies are turned against their comrades.

Again, not much more we can say other than WOW!!
Kossite Woodsmen

Kossite Woodsmen

The other release from Privateer Press this month was the new Khador Kossite Woodsman unit.
It is the law of Khador that all citizens must serve in the military, and the Kossite clans of the far north are no exception. They wait in ambush with the patience and instincts of a hunter, and strike at the perfect moment to kill key assets or crumble the enemy’s flank.
This box set replaces the previous Kossite Woodsmen unit set.
Bit of a quiet one for Wyrd this month. From what we've heard they've had a few issues with a boat and that Gremlin pirates are involved somehow. Whatever's happened the good news is the Hide and Seek box is now in stock.

Next Month however we should be seeing new Ashigaru, Nekima and Abominations boxes so watch this space.
Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

The 'Hide and Seek' box contains nine miniatures, namely The Dreamer, Lord Chompy Bits, three Daydream Totems, Coppelius, and three Alps. It also contains the necessary stat cards for each one and five upgrade cards.

The Dreamer is a child whose dreams take him to Malifaux where his incredible powers give him the ability to warp reality. Unable to defeat him, the primordial Nytmare now named Lord Chompy Bits, protects the child and follows him around in his adventures in the "dream land."
Corvus Belli have once again released another batch of awesome looking figures. This month saw five new releases from them. Check these out.
Corregidor Alguaciles

Corregidor Alguaciles

The Alguaciles are a militarized police regiment of Corregidor and are used as light infantry in defence and as mercenaries.

The Alguaciles are good soldiers, skilful and stubborn, always swearing, but who’ll force themselves beyond what seems possible. They form a part of the Corregidor company assets, who rent their units as soldiers of fortune. All the men in the Alguaciles Corps are veteran troops having taken part in various campaigns. Their professionalism and staying power is why they are in such demand in foreign markets where there is always someone willing to pay for their services.
Teucer, Agêma Warrant Officer

Teucer, Agêma Warrant Officer

Teucer is relentlessly upbeat, pointing out the silver lining to any situation in a way guaranteed to make you crack a smile. He is one of the youngest of the Homeridae, and finds everything funny, including the moniker given to him by his comrades in arms, ‘Teucer’, after he was manufactured under the code-designation Themistodres-09G. It was Teucer’s courage and exceptional marksmanship that earned him his place among the Homeridae.

The Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers

Don’t let their voluptuous bodies and lecherous eyes fool you: the Nazarova twins promise many good things, but pursuing them will get you in worse trouble than it’s worth. They can make a man lose his head, literally!

This pair of beautiful harpies, Zamira and Zuleyka, are ambition incarnate in two gorgeous bodies. Walking deadly snares for the male population. They can tug anyone’s strings for their own purposes, which is how they climbed the hierarchy of the Gabqar Kyrgyz mob in the first place: seducing powerful men and kicking ass along the way. Yes, they may not look it, but they are tough as nails. They had to be, if they wanted to make something of themselves. It’s just what happens if you were raised in a series of biker bars.
Igao Unit

Igao Unit

Few people see an Igao and live to tell about it. Usually they just glimpse a shiny blade, followed by the eternal darkness. This is because the Igao are the killing ghosts of the Tohaa Trident. This is a clandestine team conceived to perform black operations, which is the reason why their members cannot leave any trace or witnesses. Some say they are an urban legend, but not the professional intel analysts, who doubt an Igao can be defeated. As they say, the only way to survive one of these assassins is to always keep below his radar and never face him.


The Regiment of TankHunters is formed by units equipped with anti tank weapons and is specialised in the destruction of heavily armoured troops.

The philosophy of the regiment is that the only way to get a good TankHunter is to submit him to such a hard training course that he feels proud to have survived it. Their modus operandi is based on ambush and lightning attacks, withdrawing and dispersing with speed before the enemy can locate them. Owing to the type of operations they do the motto of the TankHunter Regiment is: “Wait, fire and run”.
Hawk Wargames have released the second batch of commanders for Dropzone Commander. Once again they've produced some incredible new miniatures. Our personal favourite is the new Thunderstorm, its huge!!

Phoenix Command Gunship

The Phoenix is an up-gunned beast. It is a heavy command platform which is always first into the fray with weapons blazing, issuing directives in real time to the troops. It was designed to come in with the first wave of planetary assaults where there is no existing ground presence and where a beachhead has to be established under enemy fire.
Phoenix Command Gunship


Clearly a command unit of some kind, the Oppressor is a far more resilient, albeit ground-based alternative to the dreaded Desolator. It features an awesome array of weapons which are at their most potent up-close, where aggressive Scourge commanders can build a vanguard force around this formidable monstrosity. It has also been seen operating from the rear of Scourge lines, using its survivability and overcharge fire ability to extend range and keep high value commanders alive through protracted engagements.

Nemesis Command Walker

This PHR command unit has been seen only fleetingly in previous battles. Confirmation of this command vehicle’s very existence has been hard to verify given the lack of solid evidence and very few first-hand accounts as there so few survivors. It is likely that the Nemesis has been mistaken for the Hades in previous encounters, but hard intel from the Atlantia front has shown the clear difference in walker armament.

Gharial Command Grav Tank

Based on a Caiman hull, the Gharial is a more aggressive fighter than its longer-ranged cousin, and is designed as the ultimate in close support. Its tactical role makes the Gharial the preferred mount for the most aggressive of Shaltari Warchiefs, individuals that live for nothing but war and distain risk more than any others of their usually prudent kind.
Gharial Command Grav Tank

NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom

The NT-4 Leviathan earns its name due to its sheer scale, but the command variant – the NT – 5 Thunderstorm Custom – is a step further. Its huge fusion generators are massively over-sized given modern technological advances, yet no less potent. They have such a high level of power output that many resistance bands can run an entire forward base’s power network from them. But the truly fearsome application is only appreciated when used as a combat unit on the front lines. The dual power plants are unleashed through four over-charged looted Plasma Cannons, capable of reducing anything in range to a bubbling pool of cooling liquid in seconds.
NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom
Although we have we have a whole host of events planned for April across both our Lichfield and Stourbridge stores, there are three that you should really make a note of in your diary.
Across The Dead Earth
Dead Earth Games are visiting Titan Games Stourbridge on the 4th April to show us their new game.

Across the Dead Earth is the new Post-Apocalyptic skirmish wargame from Dead Earth Games. Three generations on from The Last War, pockets of humanity roam the ghost towns and ruins of civilisation, looting and fighting for profit, glory, dominance and their very lives Across the Dead Earth.

As you can see from the following quick peek at the concept art the game has a very British feel to it which is one of the reasons we're really looking forward to seeing this one.
Steamforge Games are visiting Titan Games Lichfield on the 18th April to show of their new game Guildball. The new game is described as such:
Mob football is a game generally played between neighbouring towns and villages on feast days (hence the popularity). Players on opposing teams clash to control a leather-wrapped inflated pig's bladder and attempt to kick it into the opponent’s goal. Over the years, rudimentary leagues and tournaments have sprung up; there have even been some national level games between some city states.
I think it's fair to say that we're really looking forward to this one. Just give you an idea of what to expect, here's a look at some of the concept artwork
Our other big occasion in April is our International Tabletop Day event which is being held on the 11th of April.

International TableTop Day was founded three years ago as a way for the world to celebrate tabletop gaming together. Every spring, fans host thousands of events all over the world and every year, the event grows. TableTop Day 2014 was celebrated in 80 countries, over all 7 continents, and had over 3,000 events in total. 2015 is going to be even bigger!  Contact your local Titan Games to see whats happening in-store.

Not all of our forthcoming events are listed here so it's always worth taking a look at the events page on our website or Facebook for even more.

Til next month
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